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Cucumber - Automating scenarios and behaviors
Behavior Driven Development is an agile software development technique which helps in building functionality incrementally as per its expected behavior. Discover how BDD is realised using open source tool-Cucumber
Card Sorting Blog
Card sorting helps us understand users’ perception of the information space where a group of SMEs or users provide inputs, based on which, the information architecture is defined. Read to know how it can benefit you

Sep 05, 2016

Few Myths on MicroServices

Sathish Gurumoorthy Senior Technical Manager

Microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms.Read to know more
Use of I18n URLs for Web Designers
In wake of internationalization, websites are now turning multi-lingual and multi-regional and thus,sparking the need for i18n urls. Read the blog to know more
Interactive User Manual Using AR Technology

Aug 31, 2016

Interactive User Manual with AR Solutions

S. Karthika Interaction Designer

Generally , users get overawed when they are interacting or using a product for the first time due to poor visual affordance.Read how Augmented Reality can solve this problem with interative user manuals.
Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization of web experience makes page's interaction and rendering as smooth as possible. Read this blog to know more about strategies involved in performance optimization
Telco Network
With the imminent success of cloud operations and virtualization in the data centre and application world, now the focus has shifted to the networks to be virtualized and to leverage cloud infrastructure as common base
coherent ally

Aug 29, 2016

Event Viewer : Another coherent ally in the IT world

Mridula Jha Lead Engineer, Engineering R&D Services

With several applications being used in different domains,

Aug 24, 2016

Has CMDB become Extinct?

Prafull Verma Fellow & Practice Leader - Unified Services

CMDB, a 2002 IT approach, must be reimagined to stay relevant in the age of the Cloud. The framework must shift from a relational to a graph-based DBMS, reducing complexities and time-to-market.
The term "eSIM" relates to a new standard being promoted by the GSMA - the association that represents network operators worldwide. An eSIM is an electronic SIM card which will replace the physical, plastic SIM card all current smartphones use with...
If you have been following open source, you might have heard about Docker and containers, and the impact it is going to have on Virtualization and DevOps. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the concept of Docker and how it fits...
Serverless Computing
With serverless computing, developers can shift infrastructure responsibilities to IaaS vendors and focus on user-facing applications – reducing resource cost and timelines.
Small cells to Smart Cells

Aug 08, 2019

Transforming Small Cells to Smart Cells

Ajitesh Gupta Senior Solution Director

To address issues with data capacity, network efficiency, and performance, telco players have been deploying Small Cell for years. In 5G NR, Small Cell will also operate at higher frequency bandwidth, such as 28GHz or 70GHz. Some of the non-...
Silver Bullet

Oct 17, 2017

No Silver Bullet For The ‘Digital’ Beast

Prabhat Kumar General Manager, Cloud Native Practice

Digital’ is probably the most talked about and yet, the most misinterpreted buzzword in the IT industry today. We constantly hear about digital enterprise, digital disruption, digital strategy, digital transformation, and of course ‘digital India’....
In This Clouded World, What If It Rains

Jul 18, 2017

In this Clouded World, What if it Rains?

Yatindra Mahajan Global Head, Networks & Contact Center Practices,

Cloud adoption necessitates network policy revamp. HCL’s Transport Independence Site framework accommodates changing traffic patterns that traditional WAN architectures are unable to support. 
Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Mar 27, 2017

Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Gaurav Sharma Associate Director

Enterprises must study industry best-practices before deploying multi-cloud environments – ensuring the provider ecosystem is aligned to cost capabilities, available skillsets, and business goalposts.
New Approach to Designing

Jan 10, 2017

The Demand for a New Approach to Designing

Ramu P Group Project Manager

The demand for newer approaches to designing products has always been high. While design has not been an integral part of the SDLC, it must be now especially in the context of solutions for devices and digital experience. While design thinking,...
The factor triage approach doesn’t cover whether the technology will be successful, only whether the technology will work for a particular circumstance and a particular problem.

ElasticSearch Vs Solr
Anil Rawat - Lead Engineer | July 26, 2016

In big data search , primary choices are Elasticsearch and Solr that are open source enterprise search platforms and have the ability to perform full-text searches and faceted searches. In this blog, we take a deeper look and compare these two leading big data search engines

Pivot Analysis in Big Data
Sivasubbu B - Technical Lead,Engineering R&D services | July 19, 2016

Pivot analysis is an essential and integral component for many business enterprise reporting. Read the blog to learn the scope of pivot analysis in big data

Customer Experience: The new game changer for the Aviation Industry
Siba Satapathy - Senior Vice President , Aerospace & Defense sector, Engineering R&D services | July 6, 2016

The aviation industry is witnessing a boom of growth and expansion.  ‘Experience’ is taking the center stage of the customer engagement blueprint.