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Accessibility Engineering
A million unique perspectives exist beyond the tried and tested answers – these must be incorporated into usability testing methodologies to ensure real and universal accessibility. We discuss why specially-abled people are vital to the efficacy of...

Jan 25, 2017

Role of data in time to market

Nagaraj Sastry AVP and Solutions Leader for Data and Analytics, Digital & Analytics

There has been a recent trend of the digression from traditional SDLC model which is bringing more importance to the need of harmonization between enterprise data and social data. It not only proof points the use cases but also ensures that MVPs are...
Rising security and backup concerns along with the ever-evolving customer expectations to experience non-disruptive services are rapidly changing the way data is stored today. NetApp storage systems offer IT efficiency and simplified storage...

Jan 17, 2017

Transition in Semiconductor Foundries

Abhishek Divekar Global Engagement Manager

The semiconductor industry lives by the simple creed of – smaller, faster, better, and as a result, is always in a state of constant flux. The disruptive ‘fabless –foundry’ business model, that evolved almost 4 decades ago, opened the doors for...

Jan 17, 2017

Insight optimization – how data science is changing the way information is utilized

Nagaraj Sastry AVP and Solutions Leader for Data and Analytics, Digital & Analytics

Data scientists strive to deliver insights on the available data. In order to leverage the insights thus obtained, it is essential to simplify the insight-delivery framework. 
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation must be an integral process in the emergence of the 21st Century Enterprise. Consumers are driving the digital economy and companies must embrace this change by making fundamental changes to its core operations. This blog...
New Approach to Designing

Jan 10, 2017

The Demand for a New Approach to Designing

Ramu P Group Project Manager

The demand for newer approaches to designing products has always been high. While design has not been an integral part of the SDLC, it must be now especially in the context of solutions for devices and digital experience. While design thinking,...
Building a Text Classifier in R

Jan 10, 2017

Building a Text Classifier in R – Part 1

Jeffrey Rowland Associate Software Engineer

Despite the simplicity of text mining and NLP modelling techniques, these models usually demonstrate good performance on text categorization and classification tasks. But in contrast to their theoretical simplicity and practical efficiency building...
Product Support
Product support is provided to customer when the product fails to function in the desired manner. The issue may be with the customer's usage or with the embedded software/hardware failures. Questions on quality arise when testing/lack of end-to-end...
Digital Workplace

Jul 02, 2018

Promoting Wearables driven Employee Wellness Programs in the Digital Workplace

Rakshit Ghura Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services

Wearables Inclusive Employee Welfare Programs provide a vast range of information that can be used for many purposes. Averting accidents and improving the overall health of employees are the primary focus areas around which these programs are...

Jan 22, 2020

Life,Death and CloudComputing

Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal Global Program Manager

Blog is an interesting take on cloud computing fundamentals and how these fundamentals mimic human life and life philosophies. Cloud technology (as we all know) is major technological disruption in the field of computing - democratizing the compute...
Digital Payment

Nov 20, 2018

Millennial and Lending Solutions

Premprakash Soosairaj Senior Management Trainee

With a strong 2.3 billion population worldwide, millennials are the largest generations and yet, with 2.45 trillion dollars of combined annual buying power globally, they are as powerful as their counterparts’ boomers and Gen-X.  With this...
Emerging Technologies
The industry is on a continuous run of finding opportunities to grow and expand. The reason behind the same is a multifold i.e., millennial generation, long overdue, latest explorations, business innovation and constant demand from consumers looking...
The Value of Mobility

Feb 22, 2016

The Value of Mobility

Amit kumar Agarwala General Manager

Storage Solution

Aug 11, 2020

Challenges of adopting persistent storage solutions in K8s

Mohit Sagar Group Manager – Hybrid Cloud Services

Containerization has brought a new chapter in IT industry revolutionizing the concept of virtualization. The paradigm is constantly shifting from managing traditional data centric architecture to modern new stack microservices approach to fuel...
Smart DC Why we need them

Mar 06, 2017

Smart DC Why we need them

Gaurav Sharma Associate Director

Growing IT demands and the advent of digital technologies highlight the need for smart datacenters. To stay ahead, a responsive and modern datacenter needs to be implemented — enabling superior customer engagement and driving rapid innovation. 
SAP Customer
Explore SAP Customer Experience and Commerce solution (CEC) and how it is different from past CRM solution while touching upon the simialr themes and objectives at the same time.
Solution Center
Customer Services are gradually transforming into solution centers, providing 360° solution to the customer. These centers are now going beyond to become an extension of the product itself. Unlock the true value of the digital product of the customer

Cyber Security – The Need of the Hour
Bharath Kumar Gowda - Software Engineer | December 15, 2016

Cyber age – this is an era where everything around us is digitalised and all that is digitalised is interconnected by the phenomenon of ‘Internet of Things’. In such a scenario, data has gained importance like never before and securing data is as important as making it accessible.

Product Support: Being proactive is the way forward
Aman Bhardwaj - Senior Management Trainee - ERS Practice Team | December 14, 2016

The blog highlights the essence of smart support solutions. It addresses the general apprehensions which firms have when they release a new product and emphasizes on the need for a proactive support system. The argument is supported by statistics to strengthen the cause of the shift. The blog mentions about how can we go about adopting a proactive approach and why is it the need of the hour.

The migration at work– from requirements to use case-driven data gathering
Nagaraj Sastry - AVP and Solutions Leader for Data and Analytics, Digital & Analytics | December 14, 2016

In the Big Data environment, stakeholders and IT professionals are endeavoring to glean new approaches to traditional techniques along with consistent collaboration to effectively address the analytics arena. Learn about the use case scenario methodology and how it is helping in user stories-driven data gathering