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Choosing Between Low And High Wireframe Fidelity

Feb 25, 2015

Wireframe Fidelity – Low or High?

Apurvo Ghosh - Senior Designer
Senior Designer
Fabulous products take time to build, and a design process is crucial for laying its foundation. To be very frank, wireframing is one of those mysterious steps in a design phase and can be quite enticing to skip.
RCoE - Reporting and Analytics solution

Feb 04, 2015

Report Card – From the School to the Office

Udaya Krishna - Assistiant Manager - MIS
Assistiant Manager - MIS
I don’t think any of us would ever forget our childhood days when we used to bring our report cards home from school. The joy, the fear, the excitement, the anxiety, all prevailing until the time the card was opened by Dad.
Customer Feedback Tools

Feb 04, 2015

Customer Feedback Tools

Manikandan Ramaswamy - Technical Specialist
Technical Specialist
There are numerous customer feedback tools. By comparing the different measurements, we can conclude that each has its own applicability, and limitations.
How to make a light, cheap solar powered car

Feb 04, 2015

How to develop a light-weight, cost-effective solar powered car

Sushant Kumar - Member Technical Staff, Engineering and R&D Services
Member Technical Staff, Engineering And R&D Services
Through this blog, I would like to propose a basic idea for designing and developing a light-weight, cost-effective single seater solar car, and also discuss the various technologies involved  in this project, which  offers great scope f
Setting up BPM Center of Excellence

Feb 03, 2015

Setting up a BPM Center of Excellence (CoE)

Shantanu Baruah - Vice President
Vice President
I recently wrote a blog on how BPM can help in front office innovation by enabling back office automation.
Smart Cities Can Improve The Quality Of Urban Life

Jan 30, 2015

Smart Cities Can Improve The Quality Of Urban Life

GH Rao - President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
Integrating Devices and adopting technology planning in our Infrastructure will give rise to smart cities with a better quality life
Apache Storm

Jan 30, 2015

Apache Storm in HDInsight

Prathameshwar Pratap Singh - Technical Manager
Technical Manager
HDInsight: What is Storm? How do you use Storm in HDInsight? Why choose Storm over Spark streaming?
Visual Design

Jan 29, 2015

Visual Design vs. Usability

Rahul Ranjan Nigam - Senior Designer - Creative Design
Senior Designer
You must be hearing words like UX/UI/VD and it is quite fascinating that ‘Visual Design & Usability’ are hot topics in Tinsel Town these days.


Mechanical Testing

Apr 05, 2019

Automation for Mechanical Testing

Murali Krishnan - Technical Manager
Technical Manager
Now- a- day’s modern test automation tools are available in market along with more advanced features compared to past 10-years history of test automation. These test automation tools generally  are  advanced in testing the software...
The Coming Shift in Business Applications

Apr 18, 2017

The Coming Shift in Business Applications: 5 trends every CIO needs to know today!

Abhay Sodhi - Category Marketing Manager - Digital and Analytics, Microsoft, Oracle
Category Marketing Manager
Future-focused organizations are jumping on the digital fast lane. Consequently, 2017 will witness the rise of crowdsourcing, cognitive technologies, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), event-driven programming, and digital consulting services....
Software Defined Storage

Mar 13, 2018

Software Defined Storage: Paving Way for a Smarter Data Centre

Phalgun Saraf - Product Management, NGDC
Product Management, NGDC
Know how storage modernization has become essential for the enterprises to become future proof in the long run with pressure to reduce infrastructure footprints and traditional consumption models.
TeamCity: Intelligent CI server

Apr 27, 2016

TeamCity: Intelligent CI server

Navin Tiwary - Technical Lead in an agile project
Technical Lead
User Research

Feb 26, 2018

User Researches within Budget

Saravanan N C - Technical Lead-Lead Interaction Designer
Technical Lead
User research data provides valuable information about the potential users, their needs, behavior, and pain points.The blog demonstrates the importance of user research and breaks the myth of user research being expensive for projects. The blog...
Skipping User Research – A Good or Bad Choice?

Jun 10, 2015

Skipping User Research – A Good or Bad Choice?

Apurvo Ghosh - Senior Designer
Senior Designer
Instead of skipping the user research phase due to time constraints the Lean UX can be used as an option that works around the assumptions of user needs.

Jan 25, 2017

Role of data in time to market

Nagaraj Sastry - AVP, Delivery Leader North America - BAS
There has been a recent trend of the digression from traditional SDLC model which is bringing more importance to the need of harmonization between enterprise data and social data. It not only proof points the use cases but also ensures that MVPs are...
Intelligent Automation

Oct 25, 2017

Intelligent Automation Will Water The Roots To Digital Transformation

Pravesh Gosain - Product Manager - BSM
Product Manager
Intelligent automation software actually has an understanding of your business processes and their variations, and takes that knowledge into account when executing automated business process validation to verify that the right business outcome...
Simplifying Archival Backups

Feb 17, 2017

Simplifying Archival Backups: Towards Smarter Storage

Ravinder Gahlout - Ravinder Gahlout, Product manager – BackupNXT
Customers are grappling with cost inefficiencies arising from increasing data volumes. Understanding the difference between data backup and archival is the first step to a viable solution – enabling end-user access irrespective of data location.


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