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Interactive User Manual Using AR Technology

Aug 31, 2016

Interactive User Manual with AR Solutions

S. Karthika Interaction Designer

Generally , users get overawed when they are interacting or using a product for the first time due to poor visual affordance.Read how Augmented Reality can solve this problem with interative user manuals.
Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization of web experience makes page's interaction and rendering as smooth as possible. Read this blog to know more about strategies involved in performance optimization
Telco Network
With the imminent success of cloud operations and virtualization in the data centre and application world, now the focus has shifted to the networks to be virtualized and to leverage cloud infrastructure as common base
coherent ally

Aug 29, 2016

Event Viewer : Another coherent ally in the IT world

Mridula Jha Lead Engineer, Engineering R&D Services

With several applications being used in different domains,

Aug 24, 2016

Has CMDB become Extinct?

Prafull Verma Fellow & Practice Leader - Unified Services

CMDB, a 2002 IT approach, must be reimagined to stay relevant in the age of the Cloud. The framework must shift from a relational to a graph-based DBMS, reducing complexities and time-to-market.
Cognitive Analytics & Cognitive Support for Products
Customer support organizations across industries today are going through a rapid transformation with end users demanding a much faster response time than ever.Read more to know how cognitive product support is now the need of the hour
Cognitive Support: Intelligent Support Services
Today, customized user experiences and burgeoning demands are two major expectations from customers in an As-a-Service economy. Hence,the same anticipations have been building up for the technology sector. Read how Cognitive Product Support could...
Coding Standard
The software code with multiple entry and return becomes tough to manage and lead to chaos, and the only way to avoid the chaos is to use a single entry and exit in a function. Read the blog to know how to enable single entry & exit
Major Applications of Embedded Systems
Embedded systems have become an integral part of our daily life.Embedded systems monitoring plays a crucial role in the overall success of the entire system .Read the blog to know various techniques to monitor embedded systems
objectives are the golden
Building a successful transformation program is similar to improving a house: planning for success starts with a clear design of the desired end-state.  In this blog, the second in a series of five, we walk you through the parallels, assessing...
Software testing
Software testing saves time and money. But don’t take our word for it - come and listen to these client’s stories. It’s that time of year again to join us at InterConnect, the IBM annual event that you can get a year’s worth of professional...

Jan 17, 2017

Transition in Semiconductor Foundries

Abhishek Divekar Global Engagement Manager

The semiconductor industry lives by the simple creed of – smaller, faster, better, and as a result, is always in a state of constant flux. The disruptive ‘fabless –foundry’ business model, that evolved almost 4 decades ago, opened the doors for...
Supply Chain in Manufacturing
Today all organizations want a digitalized and contextualized manufacturing environment to enable the digital supply chain where the stakeholders can quickly extract relevant information and make decisions. A digital supply chain has visibility...
Transforming for tomorrow

Dec 17, 2019

Transforming for tomorrow

Suzanna Hunter Managing Consultant

When undertaking a technology implementation, what most clients really want is a true transformation of the way they serve their key stakeholders.  Companies, however, often fall far short of achieving transformation because they do not...
Emerging Technologies
The industry is on a continuous run of finding opportunities to grow and expand. The reason behind the same is a multifold i.e., millennial generation, long overdue, latest explorations, business innovation and constant demand from consumers looking...
Digitization and IoT
Digitization and IoT are ushering in vibrant possibilities. Data volumes are set to rise even as security concerns remain. Leveraging analytics and adopting the “connected silos” approach will enable organizations to navigate the threat landscape....

May 15, 2018

Futureproofing Software Defined Network for New Digital Age

Ashish Gunwal Product Manager – Next Generation Network Services, HCL

Conventional network architectures don’t provide the necessary flexibility for these new-age business requirements. A myriad of dynamic changes brought to fore by new-age digital revolution and a new approach to Software-Defined Network are...
Enterprise Software

Jun 27, 2018

In Enterprise Software, The End Goal Comes First

Amit Gupta SVP & Global GTM Head for HCL DRYiCE

At DRYiCE, a division of HCL, focused on building AI-powered products & platforms, we have re-looked at ways that can bring the best of their existing investments (tools) & Artificial Intelligence to deliver a cohesive enterprise...

Cutting edge Storage Technologies - part1
Mukul Sharma - Consultant, Infrastructure Management Services | June 15, 2016

Storing enormous amount of data is a challenge. Three of the common issues are: data deduplication affects performance, low utilization in IOPS back-end storage, data protection formats causes parity overhead & low utilization  

Nutanix – A Web Scale Infrastructure at Any Scale
Shashank Shekhar Singh - Software Engineer - Engineering R & D services | June 15, 2016

Today there is need to rapidly deliver IT services and business applications, while decreasing the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).As a solution,‘Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform’ brings flexible, cloud-like server and storage infrastructure.

Need of Monitoring for IoT Devices
Pankaj Gairola - Software Engineer in Agile Project- Engineering R&D Services | June 15, 2016

In this growing world of technology where everything is connected, the monitoring of devices becomes indispensable.The traditional way of monitoring may not be capable to monitor the IoT devices.It is crucial time to explore more compatible and scalable monitoring tools.