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Cognitive Product Support
In an era of widespread digitalization, organizations are consistently striving to offer evolved experiences to their customers. Product support forms an essential part of customer experience and it is now imperative to make product support...
Comprehensive Digital Transformation for enhanced customer experiences
The telecom industry, is currently striving to address a wave of challenge and transformation.Discover how organizations can combat challenges by altering their focus from ‘quality of service’ to ‘customer experience’.
Elatic vs Solar

Jul 26, 2016

ElasticSearch Vs Solr

Anil Rawat Lead Engineer , Engineering R & D Services

In big data search , primary choices are Elasticsearch and Solr that are open source enterprise search platforms and have the ability to perform full-text searches and faceted searches. In this blog, we take a deeper look and compare these two...

Jul 19, 2016

Pivot Analysis in Big Data

Sivasubbu B Technical Lead

Pivot analysis is an essential and integral component for many business enterprise reporting. Read the blog to learn the scope of pivot analysis in big data
customer experience
The aviation industry is witnessing a boom of growth and expansion.  ‘Experience’ is taking the center stage of the customer engagement blueprint.
The evolution of enterprise communications
The next gen workforce is all about maximizing collaboration. Employees, policies, and business verticals all working together to deliver something exceptional. Effective communication will be key, the author provides you a deeper look into this....

Jun 27, 2016

Li-Fi: Data through illumination

Tushar Software Engineer

Li-Fi or Light Fidelity has emerged as next gen technology of wireless communications. It simply means data through illumination. Discover how it is one step better than existing Wi-Fi technology

Jun 23, 2016

Waterfall and Agile: Parallel Worlds

Prafull Verma Fellow & Practice Leader - Unified Services

SDLC is separated into two categories - Waterfall (used for large projects) and Agile (for small projects needing flexibility in approach). Both vary in approach but can be used in parallel for projects. HCL offers both GBP RM & GBP Agile RM...
Future of Monitoring

Jun 22, 2016

Future of Monitoring

Prashant Joshi Technical Specialist-Engineering R&D services

Recent research says that more than 60 % of Enterprises use more than 10 monitoring software to monitor all their applications and infrastructure. In the background of no single software to monitor all entities, we are exploring unified monitoring...
Enterprise Software

Jun 27, 2018

In Enterprise Software, The End Goal Comes First

Amit Gupta SVP & Global GTM Head for HCL DRYiCE

At DRYiCE, a division of HCL, focused on building AI-powered products & platforms, we have re-looked at ways that can bring the best of their existing investments (tools) & Artificial Intelligence to deliver a cohesive enterprise...
Smart DC Why we need them

Mar 06, 2017

Smart DC Why we need them

Gaurav Sharma Associate Director

Growing IT demands and the advent of digital technologies highlight the need for smart datacenters. To stay ahead, a responsive and modern datacenter needs to be implemented — enabling superior customer engagement and driving rapid innovation. 
Change was always a prerequisite for growth, but in an era of rapid technology advancements it has become even more crucial. Today organizations are focusing on business excellence that is driven by technological innovation. Robotics process...
Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Mar 27, 2017

Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Gaurav Sharma Associate Director

Enterprises must study industry best-practices before deploying multi-cloud environments – ensuring the provider ecosystem is aligned to cost capabilities, available skillsets, and business goalposts.
To stay ahead of the competition, we need to add value to our product by generating new ideas.The secret behind spawning effective ideas for your business is by studying your users closely. This blog provides the basic tenets of contextual Inquiries...
Silver Bullet

Oct 17, 2017

No Silver Bullet For The ‘Digital’ Beast

Prabhat Kumar General Manager, Cloud Native Practice

Digital’ is probably the most talked about and yet, the most misinterpreted buzzword in the IT industry today. We constantly hear about digital enterprise, digital disruption, digital strategy, digital transformation, and of course ‘digital India’....
Transforming Customer

May 14, 2020

Transforming Customer Experience via Hypergraph EXtreme (HEX) Gamification

Randall Masciana Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Most businesses today might be eager for digital transformation but that doesn’t correlate to how satisfied they are with their current initiatives. Perhaps, the major concern involves two key aspects of digital transformation– customer engagement...
Intelligent Edge is an emerging technology to make connected devices more agile and capable of surrounding the network environment. At the same time, these devices improve performance and reduce the burden on the network. IT leaders are considering...
 Fault Prevention
The exponential network growth has led to several VNF deployment challenges. A cutting-edge VNF SLA monitoring solution ‘VNFs Fault Prevention by Recognizing Fault Patterns’ enables effective VNF SLA fault management. It comprises four modules -...

Creating a Next-Level Supply Chain with Real-Time Data Convergence
Sylavin Faure - North America Supply Chain Solution Lead | May 18, 2016

SAP Integrated Business Planning enables companies achieve rapid maturity in their supply chain networks. Companies can be more responsive to fluctuating markets & move to a next-level supply chain.

How Technology is changing the Face of the BPO Industry?
Akanksha Garg - Category Manager- Engineering R&D services & Business Services | May 12, 2016

Business process outsourcing has traditionally been viewed by the corporate sector as a means for businesses to cut down costs and improve profitability. In recent years, there has been a remarkable transformation in BPO powered by technology.

SharePoint 2016: What to Expect
Navin Saini - Project Manager | May 9, 2016

Microsoft has finally unraveled the RTM bits for SharePoint Server 2016, also known as Office Online Server (OOS). Get sneak peek into what is in store in the new version of sharepoint