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BlockChain is a fundamental solution to many business problems intersected by a workable technology.BlockChain is viewed as game-changing but no one knows how to use it
Right Sensors for Object Tracking
Choosing right sensor for tracking objects is really important and there are many criteria to determine which sensor should be used. Read more on how sensors are classified based on property:
Right Sensors for Object Tracking
Internet of things have gained much momentum and it’s time to take a back step to explore components which makes it throb, the sensors. Choosing right sensor among many will make a difference.
As structured approach
Companies can build a next-generation supply chain with SAP Integrated Business Planning  solutions. The scenario capability in it empowers the user to create multiple on-demand what-if scenarios. 
Creating next level SCM
SAP Integrated Business Planning enables companies achieve rapid maturity in their supply chain networks. Companies can be more responsive to fluctuating markets & move to a next-level supply chain.
How Technology is changing the Face of the BPO Industry
Business process outsourcing has traditionally been viewed by the corporate sector as a means for businesses to cut down costs and improve profitability. In recent years, there has been a remarkable transformation in BPO powered by technology.

May 09, 2016

SharePoint 2016: What to Expect

Navin Saini Project Manager

Microsoft has finally unraveled the RTM bits for SharePoint Server 2016, also known as Office Online Server (OOS). Get sneak peek into what is in store in the new version of sharepoint
Unified Communication
The way we have used communication is changing and is evolving along with technology with unified communication leading the way. Integration of real-time communication tools helps people to exchange ideas and perform their work more effectively
Big Data
As per analysts, by 2020, there will be 4300% increase in annual data generation. To analyze such enormous data to get business decision driving insights, organizations need to explore potential of big data. Read how HCL engineering services can...
Global Safe

Oct 22, 2019

Global SAFe Summit 2019: Key Takeaways

Sue Laurent Principal Product Marketing Manager

Read for key takeaways from the Global SAFe Agile Summit, 2019. SAFe 5.0 offers interesting opportunities for organizations of all sizes in the future, and it is exciting to see how the updated framework supports everyone as we continue on our...
Design Thinking
Many organizations have adopted the design thinking approach as a part of their culture to tackle complex problems and improve their existing products or designs. Following the iterative process of Research, Ideate and Prototype, they have embraced...
Way Forward
As organizations worldwide continue to accelerate their pace towards cloud adoption, the question in everyone’s mind is ‘How’? Hybrid cloud is considered as the future instead of going the completely private or the completely public cloud way....
Emerging Technologies
The industry is on a continuous run of finding opportunities to grow and expand. The reason behind the same is a multifold i.e., millennial generation, long overdue, latest explorations, business innovation and constant demand from consumers looking...
IT Infra
It is time for enterprise IT to view digital transformation from the infrastructure lens. An all-inclusive view of business goals, underlying infrastructure, and supporting IT capabilities will enable them to take the right path towards the...
Serverless Computing
With serverless computing, developers can shift infrastructure responsibilities to IaaS vendors and focus on user-facing applications – reducing resource cost and timelines.

Jan 17, 2017

Insight optimization – how data science is changing the way information is utilized

Nagaraj Sastry AVP and Solutions Leader for Data and Analytics, Digital & Analytics

Data scientists strive to deliver insights on the available data. In order to leverage the insights thus obtained, it is essential to simplify the insight-delivery framework. 
In the first part of this blog we looked at some of the reasons why many CRM projects over the last ten or so years hadn’t met their objectives – and in the second part of the blog we considered why things might be different now with emergence of...

Scrum - Moving to the best Agile Methodology from Waterfall
Vibhor Trivedi - Technical Manager | June 11, 2015


The Evolution of JavaScript
Ramu P - Group Project Manager | June 10, 2015

java script

Skipping User Research – A Good or Bad Choice?
Apurvo Ghosh - Senior Designer | June 10, 2015

Instead of skipping the user research phase due to time constraints the Lean UX can be used as an option that works around the assumptions of user needs.