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May 09, 2016

SharePoint 2016: What to Expect

Navin Saini Project Manager

Microsoft has finally unraveled the RTM bits for SharePoint Server 2016, also known as Office Online Server (OOS). Get sneak peek into what is in store in the new version of sharepoint
Unified Communication
The way we have used communication is changing and is evolving along with technology with unified communication leading the way. Integration of real-time communication tools helps people to exchange ideas and perform their work more effectively
Big Data
As per analysts, by 2020, there will be 4300% increase in annual data generation. To analyze such enormous data to get business decision driving insights, organizations need to explore potential of big data. Read how HCL engineering services can...
TeamCity: Intelligent CI server

Apr 27, 2016

TeamCity: Intelligent CI server

Navin Tiwary Technical Lead

Hybrid Mobile App Development Using Cordova Framework

Apr 15, 2016

What is Multihoming?

Jayaramakrishnan Sundarraj Senior Technical Lead

If you have been following open source, you might have heard about Docker and containers, and the impact it is going to have on Virtualization and DevOps. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the concept of Docker and how it fits...
Testing of Android Based Applications Using Robotium

Mar 29, 2016

Testing of Android Based Applications Using Robotium

Naveen Kumar Jain Technical Manager, ERS-HNC-ISV-System Software & Edge Analy

In the era of smart phones and mobile computing, the smart phone is a hot topic in the market of latest technology trend and swiftly rising day by day. This has become possible because of the ease of accessibility of phone with the help of wider...
Hardware Security
Security is always a contentious issue when it comes to wider adoption of IoT. Imagine power grid failure or automotive hijacking – the consequences are severe. Security measures which can provide a complete security solution will pave the way to...
Evolving Cybersecurity Framework
Cybersecurity is a buzzword these days in the boardroom of almost all enterprises. With the proliferation of sensors, IoT technologies and fast computing environment, vulnerability attacks and breaches are on spike resulting in huge losses to the...
This first blog of a series discusses how Blockchain is disrupting the digital world by exploring the characteristics of trust, transparency, contextualization and transformation.
Digital Factory
An overhauled application technology landscape will enable new technologies to improve the shop floor as well as aftermarket and spares business, providing a real-time account of the status of production and aftermarket support.
Regression Testing for OEMs and Service Providers
Scaling can be at any level: enhancing operations, upgrading software, introducing new software in the present setup, and extending global reach, among others. Solutions such as regression make it possible to scale up to higher levels.
Artificial Intelligence for Threat Intelligence
Today’s cyber threats are ever evolving and security practitioners struggle to stay one step ahead of adversaries. Containing threats in the current landscape has now become a cat-and-mouse game between security vendors and cyber criminals....
Propensity Models
One of the common issues in advertising is the Three Body Problem, which is different from the science fiction novel by Cixin Liu or the three body problem from quantum mechanics. The Three Body Problem in search engine advertising can be explained...
Contact center technologies flourished, answering customer questions and solving their problems has progressively become simple.But that has not directly translated to better efficiencies of cost reductions for the enterprises.This write-up focuses...

A classy way of using CSS through the CSS Preprocessor
S Janani - Senior Developer | May 6, 2015


CSS is a very simple language which is magical when creating websites with its powerful syntax. At times, it becomes tedious for developers to work on and maintain a non-trivial project which utilizes a huge number of CSS and where simplicity is quickly dissipated. Preprocessors can be used to solve this problem while making CSS more attractive.

How to Use Social Media for Your Business
Amit kumar Agarwala - General Manager | April 27, 2015

Social media is a fantastic medium for marketing and sales of products, but one should know how to use it.

Differential AD Outsourcing – Why & How
Seshadri Renganathan - Manager | April 22, 2015

Application Development services are evolving as challenges involved in AD are unique and IT organizations seek innovative constructs from service providers.