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Changing trends of software testing market
With the rapid increase in products and applications, software testing market is also undergoing transformation to align itself with the disruptive environment.
The Enterprise Workplace of the Future
The enterprise workplace of the future will be core to business strategy, ready to offer to an increasingly mobile workforce, choice in workplaces and devices.

Jul 07, 2015

AngularJS for Single Page Applications

Indronil Ghosh Assoicate Technical Manager

When we decided to explore the JavaScript world, we tried to overcome most of the shortcomings we had experienced in Flex.

Jul 06, 2015

The Evolution from Flex to AngularJS

Indronil Ghosh Assoicate Technical Manager

Ionic Framework for Hybrid Mobile Applications
The Ionic framework is a web-based technology used for mobile app development - a crucial missing piece for UI developers until now.
How to Craft User-Centered Applications?
Understand why participation of users during the design and development process leads to a more user friendly and user satisfying application.
mock testing

Jun 29, 2015

Mock Testing using JUnit and SoapUI

Naveen Kumar Jain Technical Manager, ERS-HNC-ISV-System Software & Edge Analy

An Overview of Mock Testing

Feb 18, 2020

Why RPA is not a tool deployment

Sachin Shukla Technology Leader

This blog underlines the importance of having a well thought out approach for implementing an RPA project.
5 Trends
In this blog, learn about the key trends which point towards the emerging disruptors in the space of Big Data and Analytics. The future is clearly bright for analytics, as it is set to become a near-sentient, all-encompassing tool affecting...

Jun 22, 2017

How Chatbots can Improve Search Experience

Madhu kiran Ivaturi Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

Search bars have become intelligent in terms of the information it can provide. The arrival of Chatbots for searching is transforming the way the user can search for the things online. While other bots are pampering users in various other forms,...
Human Intervention
On the second day of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019, HCL and Fast Company hosted a panel discussion titled ‘The Heart of Digital Transformation: A Human Centered Approach’ – exploring how organizations are rethinking their business...
Streamlining Transition

Aug 25, 2017

Streamlining Transition: How agile frameworks can enhance core system transformation

Nick Sarkisian Associate Vice President, Digital & Analytics, Business Analytics services

Today, property and casualty insurers are struggling with significant market headwinds. Firms must manage several complex scenarios, such as new and existing regulations and increasing operating cost ratios. Additionally, they must also look at...
Unified Communication
The way we have used communication is changing and is evolving along with technology with unified communication leading the way. Integration of real-time communication tools helps people to exchange ideas and perform their work more effectively
Software-defined Security

Nov 12, 2018

Software-defined Security: Dynamics at the Core

Gyananjay Rai Data Centre Operations Lead

Sophistication of cyber-attacks due to rise of technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data and Distributed Computing is shifting the security paradigm from static, lean, agile to dynamic and adaptive. The need of the hour is to have a before zero-day...
Digital Twins
A Digital Twin combines the physical asset with the essentials such as cloud, IoT, and other technologies. These allow the data to be collected, analyzed, and monitored from a real integrated system.
Software Defined Storage
Know how storage modernization has become essential for the enterprises to become future proof in the long run with pressure to reduce infrastructure footprints and traditional consumption models.