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How to Use Social Media for Your Business
Social media is a fantastic medium for marketing and sales of products, but one should know how to use it.
Differential AD Outsourcing – Why & How
Application Development services are evolving as challenges involved in AD are unique and IT organizations seek innovative constructs from service providers.
How to Improve your Web Experience, Speed and Performance
Today’s world is dominated by mobility and all smartphone users want sites to be loaded in the minimal time. No one wants to wait for loading data and images.
Make way for Hybrid Captives

Apr 06, 2015

Make way for Hybrid Captives

Jeffrey Nuckols Vice President

Hybrid Captives provide a step change to the existing BPO scenario. By providing a leaner environment that is scale-able, they are definitely the way forward.
Cyber age – this is an era where everything around us is digitalised and all that is digitalised is interconnected by the phenomenon of ‘Internet of Things’. In such a scenario, data has gained importance like never before and securing data is as...
Open Innovation
A new generation of users is fast emerging; a customer demographic that is pushing financial services industry to change itself exponentially at a pace never experienced before. Meet the Gen Z, the first time bankers/users who are now joining the...
Advance Storage
Storing enormous amount of data is a challenge. Three of the common issues are: data deduplication affects performance, low utilization in IOPS back-end storage, data protection formats causes parity overhead & low utilization  
Cyber Security in Avionics: Becoming Future Ready
The dependence on software in the aviation industry is increasing rapidly. Software systems used by the defence departments are in a constant state of risk, thanks to complex interferences from multiple sources. Protecting the software from cyber...
Cognitive Analytics & Cognitive Support for Products
Customer support organizations across industries today are going through a rapid transformation with end users demanding a much faster response time than ever.Read more to know how cognitive product support is now the need of the hour
objectives are the golden
Building a successful transformation program is similar to improving a house: planning for success starts with a clear design of the desired end-state.  In this blog, the second in a series of five, we walk you through the parallels, assessing...
Quantum Computing

Apr 07, 2017

Is ‘Quantum Computing’ Set to Change the World?

Madhur Chawla Group Manager, Enterprise Technology Office

Quantum computing goes beyond 0s and 1s with qubits – rewiring the future of computing with investment in the billions, robust research practices worldwide, and recent breakthroughs like D-Wave 2000Q.
Intelligent Automation
Intelligent automation software actually has an understanding of your business processes and their variations, and takes that knowledge into account when executing automated business process validation to verify that the right business outcome...
virtual services
Customers often think what are the best ways to create tests and virtual services to get the most out of their test data with Rational Integration Tester. Marc Van Lint’s recent article about how to use test data in tests and virtual services sums...