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Phases of Successful Design

Feb 10, 2017

Design Thinking: The Key to Innovation

Satish Varadarajan Senior Technical Specialist

Innovation is a business imperative today. Along with innovation, time to market is another critical factor in today’s competitive world, and one of the catalyst to achieve that goal is to start the design phase much ahead of the market launch time...
Technology that Touches Lives
Accessible technology is the technology that users can adapt to meet their visual, hearing, dexterity, cognitive, and speech needs and interaction preferences. This blog takes a look at the key factors that one has to keep in mind while building an...
In today's day and age, business leaders are faced with a lot of information clutter that prevents them from taking informed decisions. Automated text summarization is a technique that can help them sift through all unimportant content and get to...
Discover how Ideapreneurs at HCL are leveraging Design Thinking to go BEYONDigital? Focussing on 21st Century Enterprises -  they are constantly trying to improve the user experience and reduce operating costs.   
Backbone Networks
The blog discusses about the backbone network challenges of telecom service providers (TSPs) and how SDN-based hybrid Telco backbone network transformation would help them.
Big data and analytics is at the core of transformation journey to become a 21st Century Enterprise. With the advent of 4.0 revolution and Internet of Things, there has been change in the way data is stored, accessed and managed.
This first blog of a series discusses how Blockchain is disrupting the digital world by exploring the characteristics of trust, transparency, contextualization and transformation.
Eliminating Data Vulnerabilities with a ‘Resilient’ Cyber Security Model
In recent years, security testing has emerged as a source of corporate integrity, brand reputation, and customer accountability. Security testing encompasses network, applications, and devices – including opportunities such as IoT security testing,...
Technology has come a long way in the past few decades, yet when it comes to accessibility, the digital revolution has barely scratched the surface. Companies need to proactively embrace inclusivity right from conceptualization stage – incorporating...
Backbone Networks
The blog discusses about the backbone network challenges of telecom service providers (TSPs) and how SDN-based hybrid Telco backbone network transformation would help them.
Systems Management

Jan 17, 2018

Systems Management : Changing Paradigm

Lokesh Chugh Deputy General Manager

Traditional Systems Management market is heavily centric towards owned infrastructure. However, modern applications have massive infrastructure needs and are primarily running on Cloud-based architectures. Problem diagnosis is extremely critical, be...
Test Automation
The blog talks about how HCL OneTest provides software testing tools to support a DevOps approach: API testing, functional testing, UI testing, performance testing, and service virtualization. Also, how it helps you automate and run tests and more...
IoT is the next phase in the evolution of M2M communication – existing connectivity solutions, therefore, might offer viable opportunities for architecting a mesh network. . A close evaluation of existing channels can help map the way forward –...

May 18, 2017

Robotics: Driving Responsiveness in the Capital Market Landscape

Subramaniam Baskaran Global Client Partner, Financial Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  is the latest buzzword in the financial services industry, impacting big business decisions and driving technological research in a definitive direction. A key differentiator for RPA is its user-friendly...
Software-defined Security

Nov 12, 2018

Software-defined Security: Dynamics at the Core

Gyananjay Rai Data Centre Operations Lead

Sophistication of cyber-attacks due to rise of technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data and Distributed Computing is shifting the security paradigm from static, lean, agile to dynamic and adaptive. The need of the hour is to have a before zero-day...
Design Superman

Jan 15, 2018

Design Superman

Ajay Jothi Mahalingam Associate Project Manager

Designers are passionate about what they do, when it comes to web/ mobile applications, interactive prototypes or ever product design. These skillset could yield  one to be a better performer with experience. But what it takes to be an...
Helping Detect Behavioural
This blog extensively dwells on how technology can help detect, analyse and cure behavioral health issues.

Product Support: Being proactive is the way forward
Aman Bhardwaj - Senior Management Trainee - ERS Practice Team | December 14, 2016

The blog highlights the essence of smart support solutions. It addresses the general apprehensions which firms have when they release a new product and emphasizes on the need for a proactive support system. The argument is supported by statistics to strengthen the cause of the shift. The blog mentions about how can we go about adopting a proactive approach and why is it the need of the hour.

The migration at work– from requirements to use case-driven data gathering
Nagaraj Sastry - AVP and Solutions Leader for Data and Analytics, Digital & Analytics | December 14, 2016

In the Big Data environment, stakeholders and IT professionals are endeavoring to glean new approaches to traditional techniques along with consistent collaboration to effectively address the analytics arena. Learn about the use case scenario methodology and how it is helping in user stories-driven data gathering

Analytics and IoT are set to make science fiction a reality
Aravind Gorja - Associate Manager - ERS | December 13, 2016

Analytics and IoT are set to make Science fiction a reality. Underpinned by information and communication technologies, advanced analytics is blurring the line between what we once called science fiction and the reality.