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How to Use Social Media for Your Business
Social media is a fantastic medium for marketing and sales of products, but one should know how to use it.
Differential AD Outsourcing – Why & How
Application Development services are evolving as challenges involved in AD are unique and IT organizations seek innovative constructs from service providers.
How to Improve your Web Experience, Speed and Performance
Today’s world is dominated by mobility and all smartphone users want sites to be loaded in the minimal time. No one wants to wait for loading data and images.
Make way for Hybrid Captives

Apr 06, 2015

Make way for Hybrid Captives

Jeffrey Nuckols Vice President

Hybrid Captives provide a step change to the existing BPO scenario. By providing a leaner environment that is scale-able, they are definitely the way forward.
The Burn-Down Chart: Tracking Tool
Burn-Down charts are amongst the most common sprint tracking mechanisms used in Agile software development methodologies.
It is always interesting to see how technology is shaping the future of business. And, one of the most talked about disruptive trends now-a-days is invasion of bots. The recent advances in AI technologies such as Natural Language processing (NLP),...
Accessibility Engineering
A million unique perspectives exist beyond the tried and tested answers – these must be incorporated into usability testing methodologies to ensure real and universal accessibility. We discuss why specially-abled people are vital to the efficacy of...
Advance Storage
Four possible ways to address the problem of storing enormous amount of data: Tiered storage, solutions that given more storage for less power, including RAID in HDFS, replacing RAID technology with Erasure Coding
A Comparative Study

Jun 12, 2017

Investing in Cloud vs On-premise: A Comparative Study

Shahram Mani Vice President - Oracle Practice

Extensive digitalization, increasing market demands, and the shift towards agile have compelled 21st century enterprises to adopt disruptive tech forces – and transition to Cloud processes. Read this blog to know you the future of Oracle cloud...
Software Defined Infrastructure
Fast reshaping the IT landscape, it is important to calibrate SDI infrastructure adoption, by identifying the additional changes required simultaneously for tangible outcomes.
Tech Vs People
This blog, the third in a five-part series, explains how ‘starting at the end’ of a change program  can help organisations avoid ‘technology-shock’:  the situation where people find they have to use new technology without being adequately...
Digital Blog
‘Digital’ is all about creating customer value in an agile manner. Amidst all the channels and forms of business, digital ones are growing the fastest. This is a testimony of what the customers want today and as I write, digital expectations are...
Open Innovation
A new generation of users is fast emerging; a customer demographic that is pushing financial services industry to change itself exponentially at a pace never experienced before. Meet the Gen Z, the first time bankers/users who are now joining the...
Cyber age – this is an era where everything around us is digitalised and all that is digitalised is interconnected by the phenomenon of ‘Internet of Things’. In such a scenario, data has gained importance like never before and securing data is as...