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Make way for Hybrid Captives

Apr 06, 2015

Make way for Hybrid Captives

Jeffrey Nuckols Vice President

Hybrid Captives provide a step change to the existing BPO scenario. By providing a leaner environment that is scale-able, they are definitely the way forward.
The Burn-Down Chart: Tracking Tool
Burn-Down charts are amongst the most common sprint tracking mechanisms used in Agile software development methodologies.
Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) and Its Advantages for Stakeholders
Overview Commonly referred to as OAT, Operational Acceptance Testing is the testing done before the solution is released or deployed, just after the execution of user acceptance testing (UAT).  The OAT environment is called the ‘pilot’ or ‘pre...
Microsoft BI Solutions for Analytical Data Modeling
Breakout chit-chat Amit (BI Tech Lead): We have a large Multi-Dimensional Cube (MDM) based BI solution. With the advent of tabular models, should we convert our MDM cube to tabular analytical models?
Top Legacy Modernization Challenges & Solutions
There is significant pressure on State CIOs to streamline IT budgets, increase productivity, rationalize IT spending and improve service delivery to citizens and business customers.  Though the States have invested in new technologies, their...
Structure Based or Whitebox Testing Techniques
There are various types of software testing techniques. Each individual technique is good at finding a particular type of defect. Each testing technique falls into a number of different categories.
What is DevOps? Why is it important for IT Businesses?

Feb 25, 2015

DevOps – Empowering the IT Business

Subbarao Program Manager

Figure 1: DevOps Empowering the IT Business
HCL is leveraging Design Thinking
What motivates employees to take an extra step for organizational success beyond their duties? It’s the recognition more than anything else which drives them accomplishing the common goal.
A Comparative Study

Jun 12, 2017

Investing in Cloud vs On-premise: A Comparative Study

Shahram Mani Vice President - Oracle Practice

Extensive digitalization, increasing market demands, and the shift towards agile have compelled 21st century enterprises to adopt disruptive tech forces – and transition to Cloud processes. Read this blog to know you the future of Oracle cloud...
The core challenge for most organizations undertaking an analytics project, is quantifying the return on investment (RoI). When it comes to digital marketing, it becomes difficult to justify the cost invested versus gains associated with it....
Advance Storage
Four possible ways to address the problem of storing enormous amount of data: Tiered storage, solutions that given more storage for less power, including RAID in HDFS, replacing RAID technology with Erasure Coding
5 Steps to agile culture

Nov 01, 2019

5 Steps to Developing an Agile Culture

Sue Laurent Principal Product Marketing Manager

Creating an agile culture is a large part of what makes a transformation successful and sustainable. However, it’s often the step that’s glossed over, overlooked, or purposely ignored because it requires time, dedication, and a set of soft skills...
Open Innovation
A new generation of users is fast emerging; a customer demographic that is pushing financial services industry to change itself exponentially at a pace never experienced before. Meet the Gen Z, the first time bankers/users who are now joining the...
Automation Age

Oct 26, 2017

Are you ready to re-skill for the Automation Age?

Badri Narayanan Rangarajan Mangadu Delivery Head EMEA - Consumer & Commercial Industries

Automation is optimizing productivity and taking over the workplace. Learn how automation will change the workplace in this blog.

Jan 25, 2017

Role of data in time to market

Nagaraj Sastry AVP and Solutions Leader for Data and Analytics, Digital & Analytics

There has been a recent trend of the digression from traditional SDLC model which is bringing more importance to the need of harmonization between enterprise data and social data. It not only proof points the use cases but also ensures that MVPs are...
Advance Storage
Storing enormous amount of data is a challenge. Three of the common issues are: data deduplication affects performance, low utilization in IOPS back-end storage, data protection formats causes parity overhead & low utilization