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Dec 17, 2019

Is Change Management Dead?

Jonathan Beamish Solution Director

The world continues to change at an exponential rate, yet change management thinking often retains a legacy focus, not adapting to the digital world. Is Change Management really dead?
5G Communication
In the first part of this blog “Towards 5G, Artificial neural networks and EDGE computing-Part 1”, we discussed the basic understanding of 5G, EDGE and ANN (Artificial neural networks). In this blog, we will see how 5G along with ANN and edge, can...
 SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is an extremely powerful platform that enables you to continually launch your customer experience innovations. Read how to deliver exceptional experiences using SAP Sales & Service Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform (SCP...
When it comes to innovation and adoption, Nordics countries are one of the foremost in the world. The region is already a global leader in electronic payments with very little reliance on cash.  But now, Europe’s most Northern members are...
Insight in the haystack
Today we live in a digital economy where consumers have evolved in their expectations, preferences, and buying patterns. As a result, retailers are discovering that they need to adapt and engage with their customers in a more personalized and...
Interpretable Machine Learning

Nov 29, 2019

Interpretable Machine Learning

Kishore Joseph General Manager

What is interpretability? Simply stated, it is having the ability to confidently tell, how/why a machine learning model is making the decisions, it was tasked to make. Why it is important ? We can today predict that some customers may no longer be...
AI in Publishing and Information
Publishing and information services organizations can deliver customer value by curating contextualized content and mining for actionable insights from both structured and unstructured big data. Largely unstructured, big data is spread across emails...
The digital disruption will be the new age digital revolution similar to the 1700s or early 1800s industrial revolution and its impact on modern society. Mobile data traffic is rising rapidly due to new paradigms such as virtual reality,...

Nov 21, 2019

BS11 Impacts and its IT Implications

Rouble Saha Senior Business Manager

Over the years, banks have lost millions of dollars due to unplanned outages or downtime in the services. This has also created a negative impact on a bank’s reputation and brand image. Many a time, these services are being managed by outsourced...
IRA Software Team
When it comes to a software product, there are several things that needs to be taken care of, such as development, documentation, design specification, and so on. Software teams who are working using the JIRA platform knows how effective this...
The biggest reason for failure to achieve the desired outcomes during the implementation of hybrid-cloud architectures is the lack of right DevOps enablement capabilities essential for realizing the true potential of digital transformation. While...
Agile Initial Thoughts

Oct 22, 2019

SAFe 5.0 is Here: Our Initial Thoughts

Sue Laurent Principal Product Marketing Manager

The 2019 Global SAFe Summit in San Diego earlier this month, the members of the Digital Advisory and Consulting Services (DACS) team at Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies want to share our initial thoughts on the release of SAFe 5.0. Read more...
Major Applications of Embedded Systems
Embedded systems have become an integral part of our daily life.Embedded systems monitoring plays a crucial role in the overall success of the entire system .Read the blog to know various techniques to monitor embedded systems
Setting up BPM Center of Excellence
I recently wrote a blog on how BPM can help in front office innovation by enabling back office automation.
Change was always a prerequisite for growth, but in an era of rapid technology advancements it has become even more crucial. Today organizations are focusing on business excellence that is driven by technological innovation. Robotics process...

Aug 24, 2016

Has CMDB become Extinct?

Prafull Verma Fellow & Practice Leader - Unified Services

CMDB, a 2002 IT approach, must be reimagined to stay relevant in the age of the Cloud. The framework must shift from a relational to a graph-based DBMS, reducing complexities and time-to-market.
hybrid cloud

Jun 11, 2019

The surging adoption of hybrid cloud

Piyush Saxena VP and Head, DC and Hybrid Cloud

The blog talks about the increasing adoption of hybrid cloud in the present scenario. As industries embark upon their digital journey, they are looking at accelerating cloud adoption. Enterprises are under tremendous pressure to modernize their IT...
How to make a light, cheap solar powered car

Feb 04, 2015

How to develop a light-weight, cost-effective solar powered car

Sushant Kumar Member Technical Staff, Engineering And R&D Services

Through this blog, I would like to propose a basic idea for designing and developing a light-weight, cost-effective single seater solar car, and also discuss the various technologies involved  in this project, which  offers great scope f

Row Level Security in SQL
Pramod Kumar Singh | January 29, 2015

Row Level Security

Row Level Security is the mechanism to set different access levels over data in any table for different Users/Security Groups. Row Level Security can be implemented at database, cube (SSAS) and report level. SSAS/Cube security is based on the attribute level i.e., row level at the database.

We need Deep Data, not Big Data
Ravi Sankar C J - Vice President | January 13, 2015

In an article titled, “How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D”, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that applying big-data strategies for better informed decision making could generate up to $100 billion in value annually across the U.S.

Performance Monitoring Using Cycle Mode and Marathon Runs
Dipon Samaddar - Test Engineer | January 7, 2015

Key questions to ask before buying a data capture solution
Sunny Singh - Business Analyst – AI & Machine Learning | February 21, 2020

This article highlights some of the important questions that an organization needs to ask before buying capture solution.

How to build a better banking process: BPM for Banking Industry
Apurv Dixit - Technical Project Manager – Integrated Transformation Business | February 21, 2020

The article highlights the importance of having a business process management software for governing business processes in banking.

The Future of Agile Beyond IT: Predictions and Prognostications from Enterprise Studio Experts (Part I)
Sue Laurent - Principal Product Marketing Manager | February 20, 2020

Now that agile is approaching its 20th birthday, it’s natural to ponder how agile can extend beyond IT. Agile’s core principles of customer first, collaboration, transparency, simplicity, excellence and communication can easily work for other organizational functions. The question is, which functional areas are ripe for transformation?

Why RPA is not a tool deployment
Sachin Shukla - Technology Leader – Integrated Transformation Business | February 18, 2020

This blog underlines the importance of having a well thought out approach for implementing an RPA project.

The Gig Economy – How is it Reinventing the Enterprise Landscape?
Rakshit Ghura - Vice President & Global Service Leader – Digital Workplace Services | February 14, 2020

Think of the 90’s when 9-5 jobs were still very much in vogue and traditional career paths were attractive to the workforce. In those days, finding “employment” through a smartphone or an app was inconceivable.

Agile and Integrated Risk Management: Saving the Future of Financial Firms
Abhishek Ramavat - GRC Evangelist – Europe | February 11, 2020

Financial organizations are facing volatility and opportunity at an unprecedented scale. The pressure to maintain operational efficiency and customer focus is now further exacerbated with the need to keep up with the constantly changing regulations. And while winning business is priority number one, a close second is not falling prey to any lapses in compliance under fear of substantial monetary fines and damage to the brand’s reputation.

Every financial business leader knows – they need to ensure compliance & security while adhering to a rapidly changing regulatory & threat landscape in a highly disruptive industry. But the “how” is not as clear. The financial industry has been on the forefront of adopting digital technologies, data, and analytic tools in their products and offerings. And while this has opened Fintech as a whole new sector, it has also widened the threat landscape significantly.

This is precisely why Digital Transformation has become a top priority for financial institutes across the world. But this is only possible by beginning with a clear picture of the challenges that lie before them. With new innovations in automation, machine learning, and analytics, organizations today can now make informed decisions as they reduce operational risks and meet compliance requirements. 

VMware TANZU: The Era of Kubernetes
shubham chandra - Group Manager - Next Generation Datacenter Practice | February 11, 2020

In this era of agility where “Time-to-Market” is one of the key factors for driving any kind of business growth, VMware has come out with a strategy to facilitate multi-cloud governance and management of applications across various environments. With the launch of Tanzu Mission Control, VMware has given enterprises a confidence to design, deliver, and deploy applications at a faster pace thereby reducing the Time-to-Market.  This article describes how with Tanzu Mission Control, enterprises can run and manage Containerized applications across any cloud and developers can independently manage the environment with the help of self-service resources.