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The top 5 skills that really matter on your resume

If you’re working on your resume to kick-start a career in technology, these are the five skills you should add to demonstrate you have what it takes to be successful.
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Are you just getting started in the career world and wondering how to stand out to employers? If you’re interested in a field like technology but don’t have a lot of experience, there are still important skills that can help you get your foot in the door.

Here’s a list of the top five skills you’ll want to highlight on your resume — and that you can focus on building as you advance your career. The good news is that all of these are transferable, which means that they’ll matter across industries and employers.

  1. Creative

    According to the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs Report, creative thinking will be the #2 most valuable skill to have in the coming years. Even in fields like IT, creativity is critical. Communication, brainstorming, organization, visualization, and storytelling all fall into this category.

    Why? With the rise of artificial intelligence, human strengths that are the hardest to replace will be increasingly in demand. Think of it as “taking the robot out of the human and allowing humans to do what humans do best — strategic thinking, empathy and building authentic relationships” explains Keith Farley, Aflac’s director of innovation in Rise Of AI Also Raises Demand For Creative Skills.

    If you don’t consider yourself a “creative person” — don’t worry. You don’t need to be a poet or an actor to think outside the box. Consider examples of how you used innovation or experimentation to solve a problem or improve an experience, whether in past jobs, classes, or extracurriculars.

  2. Analytical

    Do you have strong decision-making, problem-solving, data analysis, or observation abilities? The World Economic Forum says analytical thinking is the number one skill for 2023. Their rationale? Reasoning and decision-making are the least automated workplace tasks, accounting for just 26% of automation.

    It’s no surprise that creative thinking and analytical thinking top both current and future skills lists, as the two go hand in hand. While a computer can process data, it takes creativity and analysis to turn that data into action and results.

    "There's more of a focus and an interest in having people with analytical thinking, people with creativity," explains Saadia Zahidi, the World Economic Forum’s managing director.

    "But it's also become very important to have leadership skills and to have social influence, and the ability to work with other people. The traits that make us human, make us able to relate with each other and to get innovative, creative things done in the workplace."

  3. Leadership

    According to LinkedIn’s 2023 Most In-Demand Skills list, leadership is one of the top five skills employers believe will matter in the future workplace. It’s also a pain point for many companies, with global organizations spending an estimated $60 billion+ on leadership development programs (to mixed results).

    You’ll want your resume to show that you can take initiative, execute, motivate others, prioritize, and resolve issues quickly. Using verbs like spearhead, initiate, coach, oversee, influence, manage, and direct is a good way to get this across.

    But how can you show you’re a leader if you’re at the early stages of your career? Consider your involvement in student organizations, sports, or volunteer activities, in addition to past jobs. And look for opportunities to continue growing your leadership experience in your community or through your school. For example, at Purdue Global, we offer many organizations to help students cultivate their leadership skills outside the classroom, and an alumni network to continue doing so post-graduation.

  4. Interpersonal

    And yes, even in technology, the ability to work well with others is of utmost importance. You’ll want to show that you are openminded, inclusive, an active listener, and a team player. The World Economic Forum highlights interpersonal, engagement, and self-efficacy skills like:

    1. Curiosity
    2. Resilience/flexibility
    3. Self-awareness
    4. Dependability

    Fortunately, you likely have interpersonal strengths even at the beginning stages of your career, and there are many ways to improve them as you go.

  5. Technical

    While you can’t out-robot a robot, solid technology skills are still a must in almost any workplace. A 2022 article predicted digital literacy would be the #1 most in-demand skill for employers in the next decade.

    If you’re interested in a tech career, check out LinkedIn’s top 10 most in-demand hard skills and keep enhancing your skillset. Even if your computer experience is more basic, you’ll still want to list it on your resume.

    From creative to technical, these are the top five skills that matter most. Be sure to closely review each job posting to ensure you list them using the same keywords as the employer. That way they’ll be a match for an applicant tracking system, as well as a recruiter or hiring manager.



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