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SuccessFactors AI Chatbot

What is our SuccessFactors AI chatbot?

SuccessFactors AI Chatbot is like your digital HR Business Partner, an automated interactive solution that allows seamless interaction with employees while responding to their queries. Bots imitate conversation with a real person and rely on artificial intelligence. They have ushered in a new era in the way enterprises work, making processes simple, intuitive and engaging. Bots are constantly enhancing user experience and user engagement. ‘Our SuccessFactors AI Chatbot’ is configured for multiple SuccessFactors scenarios cutting across all Success Factors module, right from Employee Central to PM-GM to RCM, and has been extended to newer modules like Employee Central Employee Well Being.

The benefits:

  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Simplified query handling
  • Enables HR resources to dedicate more time to critical tasks

How HCLTech makes it possible:

Our AI chatbot is delivered on SAP Cloud Platform using HCLTech’s LUCY Autonomics and Orchestration Framework by DRYiCE and uses SAP’s AI for the NLP and conversational flow engine. LUCY is capable of orchestrating multiple inputs from voice, text, and ticketing tools to interact with Success Factors modules like Employee Central, Performance and Goals, Recruitment, and with Employee Central Time Off.