HCL’s ADvantage™ Pega – ROAR | HCLTech

DevSecOps is a cultural movement that advocates breaking silos, enable better collaboration, and integrated ways of working. To achieve a high level of maturity in DevSecOps ways of working, a customized and carefully crafted roadmap is required for application teams. The start of the DevSecOps adoption journey is to measure the existing maturity level and understand the current challenges. In the vast enterprise landscape, there is a need for a standardized, consistent and quick approach to measure the DevSecOps maturity and guide towards continuous improvement efforts. Our solution to this is a carefully crafted ADvantage™ Assess for Pega framework. With this solution, DevSecOps baseline maturity can be determined in quick time, improvements can be derived and aligned to digital transformation goals. ADvantage™ Assess for Pega can help in determining maturity across any area such as Agile, DevSecOps, SRE, QA, and provides standard reports along with maturity model details.

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