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Private Network Offerings

HCL private network offering addresses the Industry 4.0 need for connecting people, process, and working environment and collecting data for building enterprise use cases.

With the rapidly changing business conditions, the major drivers for change are – Customer Service, Affordability, Resilience and Innovation. These Drivers are leading the path for a Digital Transformation across Industries, across Domains globally. A transformation of such large magnitude and extend is causing a transformation of the Business Values. The way how Businesses are being operated is changing. Every aspect of Businesses is becoming interconnected – Connected Operation, Connected Assets, Connected Customer and Connected Colleagues. In such a scenario, Private Networks (PriNet) are the way forward to the future.

The adoption and deployment problems of PriNet are solved by Automation solutions. The Private network order to go-live cycle time is reduced. The right size of private network kit can be defined using the scale and use cases.  Ownership of supporting private network operations can be transferred from bare metal to cloud.

Private Network Adoption faces a lot of challenges like migration of Legacy System Infrastructure, varying use-cases across Multiple verticals, IT integration needed of private network with Smart private operations and operation of Smart Private Network

Customers can enjoy various benefits of Private Network from increase in quality across the offering portfolio, expansion of the addressable market, continuous increment in sales transactions to optimizations in cost to deploy and support

With HCL's Private network solutions and services, businesses can solve critical network challenges.

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