How Nippon works for productivity management | HCLTech

The pandemic dawned on the new era in workforce structure, where work from anywhere will be the new normal. Post-pandemic, a decrease of approximately 0.3 output percentage points has been observed in the productivity per worked hour, in conjunction with an average increase of 1.5 worked hours. Organizations are focusing on increased automation in lean effort and problem management to establish better work-life balance without offsetting productivity.

The nature of work will be more dynamic, with an increased focus on outcomes. To deliver and build trust amongst employees, we will rely on collaborative technologies and solutions. These solutions can prepare the global workforce of today to become more adaptive. They can facilitate targeted learning by accurately identifying the employees who need upskilling, reskilling, or counseling to increase productivity and reap success in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

The key to success will be to focus on employee experience through collaborative technology solutions and empowering the workforce through adaptive learning and building trust.

HCLTech presents Nippon - a facilitator of productivity. Nippon is a contactless and automated solution that accurately captures effort and delivers output data for businesses aiming to optimize output by gauging the employee effort through deep data analytics.