Nippon Buddy - Personal dashboard for employees only | Nippon Buddy - Personal dashboard for employees only

We are entering a new era of business where work from home will become the new normal. The global workforce is the formative ground of every organization. And gig economy will become a huge aspect of the future workforce.

The key to success will be a greater focus on employee experience through collaborative technology solutions. These solutions will help us approach work more dynamically. High employee engagement and efficient work-life balance will be at the core of achieving optimized success. Mapping the current skill proficiency level of the employee and providing the required upskilling or reskilling opportunity would ensure optimized productivity with minimized iteration. Technology solutions, such as these, will also ensure that employees are better aligned with their roles, empowering them to focus on adaptive learning and building trust.

HCLTech Presents Nippon Buddy – For Employees Only. The application helps maintain employee wellness and provides them with a better way to work in the new normal. It equips them with a time-based view on work habits, an account of daily effort while facilitating proactive employee engagement. Unique in its approach, it only sources data of applications used on your desktop, thereby maintaining privacy.