The metaverse: a metaphysical universe in emergence | HCLTech

The metaverse emerges from the convergence of physical and digital realities. It is a combinatorial innovation that requires multiple technologies – AR, VR, MR, HMDs, IoT, AI, cloud, 5G and spatial technologies – to function in synchrony. Being device-agnostic and persistent, the metaverse provides enhanced immersive experiences and supports an independent virtual economy based on non-fungible tokens (NFT) and crypto-currencies.

HCLTech MetaLabs is our strategic BU formed to incubate and ideate on establishing the enterprise metaverse experiences encompassing frameworks. MetaLabs by HCLTech is an “always on” environment with 40+ HCLTech industry creator zones in the VR domain and 600+ Ideapreneurs. Continuing our exploration journey, we shall leverage a diverse set of cloud-native solutions along with IoT and various other adjacent technologies to construct metaverse interfaces. Our expansive global reach to various startup ecosystems strengthens our core offering even further and opens up multiple doors to evaluate and onboard breakthrough ideas.

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