Why choose HCLTech

Join a leading global technology company and become a part of our 1500+ strong workforce in Canada and be a part of tomorrow’s change, today.

Get a chance to work with leading enterprises, including 9/13 Canadian Fortune 500 and 28/50 largest Canadian customers.

Employee-Centric Culture

The culture at HCLTech – ideapreneurship™ as we call it – places employees at the forefront of innovation and value creation. It is based on the fundamental belief of inverting the organizational pyramid and engaging, enabling and empowering the employees. It is our employees who make HCLTech an engine of growth and innovation. We are committed to help them succeed in an inclusive, diverse and employee-friendly culture.

Socially Responsible

We're deeply committed to driving societal change in the communities in which we operate through active engagement with civic organizations and charitable institutions benefiting the lives of thousands. Our employees often lead these purposeful initiatives with strong support and commitment from our corporate foundation.

Technology Innovation

It is core to our DNA to try things differently – be it starting a new business, exploring a new market, inventing solution no one thought of before or taking a risk with a business model industry wasn’t even aware of. We mentor new talent for growth and innovation. We encourage experimentation and collaboration.

Career opportunities in Canada

Current openings in Canada

Job Title Post date Location Experience
Specialist Dec 03, 2022 Ontario 2.5-5 Years
Lead Dec 03, 2022 Alberta 4.5-8 Years
Senior technical lead Dec 02, 2022 Ontario 5-9 Years
Project manager Dec 02, 2022 Quebec 4.5-8 Years
Associate Dec 02, 2022 BritishColumbia 7-12 Years
Project manager Dec 02, 2022 Quebec 4.5-8 Years
Senior developer Dec 02, 2022 Ontario 5-9 Years
Specialist Dec 02, 2022 Ontario 2.5-5 Years
Specialist Dec 02, 2022 Ontario 2.5-5 Years
Associate Dec 02, 2022 Ontario 4.5-8 Years
Senior customer service representative Dec 01, 2022 Ontario 1-3 Years
Analyst Dec 01, 2022 New Brunswick 0-2.5 Years
Senior customer service representative Dec 01, 2022 Ontario 1-3 Years
Technical lead Dec 01, 2022 Quebec 5-9 Years
Technical lead Nov 30, 2022 Alberta 4.5-8 Years

During the course of your candidature and/or it successful conversion to employment, the Company may retain a third party to conduct a background check on you covering, among other things, your education, previous employment(s), achievements listed on your resume/CV, criminal history, etc. By applying to any job you hereby agree to execute such forms as may be required by the Company and/or the third party to facilitate such background checks. You also acknowledge and agree that your employment with HCLTech is subject to your receiving a clean background verification report. HCLTech reserves the right to revoke your offer and/or terminate your employment on the basis of an adverse report.