Redmond - a home to some of the biggest technology giants in the world is a high tech enclave in the Washington area. Employment in Redmond is forecasted to cross 100,000 by 2020.

Only 26% of Redmond`s population live in the city itself - Redmond thus has the greatest spike in daytime population due to commuters, measured by percent increase, among all U.S. Professional, scientific and management services together with information services accounting for more than 40% of Redmond’s employed population.

By 2016, the Overlake, Downtown, and SE Redmond neighbourhoods are expected to grow by more than 20 percent and the number of businesses and employees are expected to grow significantly.

Top Universities near the city like the DigiPen University of Technology, University of Washington, Lake Washington Institute of Technology and Seattle Pacific University are known to produce prodigies. With an abundance of MNCs, IT and ITeS companies in the region, an exciting career awaits you here.

So hurry up, and start an amazing career at HCL in Redmond!!


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Current openings in Washington

Job Title Post Date Location Experience
Associate Manager Sep 19, 2019 Washington 5-7 Years
ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT Sep 19, 2019 Washington 3-5 Years
Contractor Sep 19, 2019 Washington 5-8 Years
GROUP PROJECT MANAGER Sep 19, 2019 Washington 11+ Years
Associate Sep 19, 2019 Washington 7-12 Years
DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER Sep 19, 2019 Washington 11+ Years
Associate Sep 18, 2019 Washington 5-8 Years
Technical Lead Sep 18, 2019 Washington 5-8 Years
Specialist Sep 18, 2019 Washington 3-5 Years
LEAD CONSULTANT Sep 18, 2019 Washington 9-11 Years
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