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The city of SFO

San Francisco is among the most educated and wealthy counties in the US with a high school graduate population of 85.9% and ranks as #1 US City in Educational Attainment. The total labor force in the city has also been increasing since 2008, and 2013 saw 2,199,941 employed people, the highest in the city’s history - with most of these being offered by stalwarts!

Software developers and system software engineers are the fastest growing occupations in SFO with a projected increase of 57% till 2020 with Computer Software being the most in-demand skill in the job market in SFO.

Stanford and the University Of Berkley, located in San Francisco, are among the top universities in the world. Stanford’s seven schools offer a breadth of highly regarded undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degree programs while The University of California, Berkeley that produces more Ph.Ds. annually than any other US university. Key programs across both universities remain as computer science and engineering courses.

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