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Enabling business process automation for a leading logistics company

HCLTech transformed support operations for enhanced efficiency and customer experience
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5 min read

Our client is an America-based provider of leading-edge transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions with a huge fleet base. They approached us with a set of challenges that revolved around inefficient support operations. We aided them in driving business process transformation by delivering best-in-class automation solutions and improving customer efficiency, productivity and experience. End-to-end digital transformation was brought into IT operations by delivering hyperautomation services across the IT ecosystem.

The Challenge

Navigating complexities and addressing business limitations

With the client’s IT ecosystem turning complex and hybrid, the systems find it difficult to communicate with each other. Monitoring these systems was of profound importance to keep track of issues and failures in business operations. The support services offered by the client were mostly manual-based and hence had their limitations. Web servers and database servers were also manually monitored and this threw light on the need for better monitoring systems.


The Objective

Driving efficiency and standardization of business operations

The client wanted to bring efficiency to business operations by reducing manual activities and introducing automation solutions. Leveraging hyperautomation, the operations and the business processes were intended to be made highly efficient and minimize the cost involved. The reporting and governance structure is to be strengthened to bring in standardized business processes across business units.

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The Solution

Leveraging expert systems, automation and intelligent assistants

We came in with a unique industry-wide proven expert system approach to identify the manual, repetitive tasks from the ticket data and automate them using best-in-class automation solutions.

  • We implemented a scalable dashboard to track the health of different servers.
  • A self-service portal was created to auto-update the information, which made governance much easier.
  • An automation delivery council was set up to discuss monthly progress and new initiatives.
  • Implemented RPA (Robotic Process Automation) bots to automate manual and repetitive ticketing and non-ticketing activities.
  • A virtual private assistant was deployed across 800 locations worldwide, making business operations much easier for the shop floor employees. This chatbot was integrated with the general ledger system and shop management online application to reduce billing inconsistencies.

The Impact

Transforming support operations for a stronger growth trajectory

We have brought enormous effect to support operations via the implementation of state-of-the-art automation and monitoring solutions.

  • Significant reductions in manual monitoring efforts, incident numbers and process costs were identified across business units, thereby increasing efficiency in daily operations
  • The operations turnaround time became faster than before, along with minimal human error occurrence
  • With a 96% reduction in manual effort and 40% automated tickets, the monitoring solutions could put effective observability in place
  • Widespread adoption of the Virtual Private assistant and improved customer satisfaction show the success of our transformation initiative