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Data efficiency transformation journey

HCLTech redefined operational efficiency with a successful master data management solution
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5 min read

Our client, a global leader in the health and nutrition segment, aimed to centralize data management for efficiency, seeking a new master data management (MDM) platform to integrate major data entities. HCLTech navigated integration challenges and compliance issues by meticulously crafting a comprehensive MDM solution. Leveraging a proof of conceptapproach, Informatica's Cloud Solution addressed our client's needs, eradicating inefficiencies and ensuring seamless data management.

The Challenge

Navigating complexity to ensure integration and compliance

Challenges included identifying the right MDM vendor to align with the client’s current platform and ensuring smooth integration across systems. The absence of robust data management policies and principles, particularly regarding sensitive and transactional data, resulted in non-compliance with standards and regulations. This inconsistency across legacy systems undermined decision-making processes and eroded trust in data-driven insights.


The Objective

Strategic pursuit to centralizing data management for enhanced efficiency

Our client sought a new multi-domain MDM platform to centralize major data entities such as vendors, customers and products. HCLTech proposed a PoC to evaluate suitable tools capable of efficiently delivering key functionalities and seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, including UI and Ariba to SAP ECC.

Data efficiency transformation journey

The Solution

Crafting a comprehensive MDM solution via strategic collaboration

In close collaboration with the client's architects, HCLTech embarked on a meticulous journey to identify and address key MDM challenges. The initiative included:

Identification of key MDM use cases and requirements:

  • Collaborated closely with the client's architects to pinpoint essential MDM use cases
  • Detailed requirements were outlined, focusing on data quality, matching and workflow, prioritizing factors like interoperability, security, scalability and efficiency

Pre-assessment of MDM Tools:

  • Conducted a thorough pre-assessment to evaluate available MDM tools, assessing their suitability and limitations before proceeding to a PoC

Selection of suitable MDM tool for PoC:

  • Chose the most fitting MDM tool for the PoC based on pre-assessment findings and alignment with identified use cases and requirements

Development of PoC with selected MDM vendor:

  • Worked closely with the selected MDM Vendor to develop the PoC for each defined use case, with a specific focus on evaluating Informatica for Supplier 360
  • This included replacing the existing MDM solution and implementing Reference 360 and Business 360 components

Assessment of Informatica's Cloud Solution:

  • Leveraged the PoC to assess Informatica Cloud Solution's alignment with the client's future requirements for vendor, customer, product and reference data management

Delivery of tailored and future-proof MDM solution

  • Through this meticulous approach, HCLTech ensured the delivery of a tailored and future-proof MDM solution, addressing the client's unique needs while setting the stage for enhanced data management capabilities

The Impact

Advancing data management efficiency, thus ensuring transformative results

  • Achieved a remarkable 70% reduction in build efforts by leveraging prebuilt sets of Reference 360 and Supplier 360 components
  • Attained seamless integration with UI, SAP Ariba and ECC, resulting in an impressive 10x faster response time
  • Implemented Supplier 360 extension with remarkable flexibility to accommodate customer-specific entities, utilizing a low-code implementation approach
  • Leveraged Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service to enhance data profiling, discovery, enrichment and to implement advanced match and merge rules
  • Ensured 90% data accuracy by validating trusted data from SAP sources
  • Received positive feedback from business personnel, indicating a high 360-view adoption rate, signifying successful implementation