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HCLTech is a Platinum System Integrator, with Informatica - one of the pioneering forces in Enterprise Cloud Data Management. Through their robust suite of solutions, HCLTech and Informatica partnership empowers businesses with the ability to not only adapt swiftly but guide organizations toward intelligent readiness, enabling them to emerge as frontrunners. A distinctive feature of this partnership is the infusion of Al-powered innovations, which lends an entirely new dimension to data. The convergence of artificial intelligence and data management elevates data from a mere resource to a dynamic catalyst that propels organizations toward unprecedented levels of agility and foresight.

Platinum System Integrator

Our Capabilities

Elevating enterprises with intelligent data management in the cloud, where insights drive innovation and efficiency.

Architecture and design support services

Architecture and design support services

End-to-end implementation migration and upgrades

End-to-end implementation migration and upgrades

Data Quality Management (DQD)

Data Quality Management (DQD) and Master Data Management (MDM) metadata management

Our Solutions

HCLTech Gateway Suite

A database schema and code conversion accelerator that not only reduces development time but also enhances the accuracy of the conversion process.

HCLTech Advantage Data Quality

Offers a comprehensive and reliable data view by integrating various product tools available in the market to facilitate data monitoring, governance, and management.

HCLTech iSee

It is the perfect solution for keeping your IT infrastructure running at its best. Our advanced technology and expert team quickly identify and resolve any system issues ensuring that your systems are always performing optimally.

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