Digital transformation success stories on BPM-based Solutions | HCLTech

Business Process Management (BPM) is an essential cog in HCLTech’s Digital Business wheel. HCLTech has 10+ years-long strategic relationships with various BPM platforms. Over the years, HCLTech and the many strategic BPM partners have combined forces to bring about holistic business process management and automation benefits to customers worldwide. These partnerships with low code platforms such as Camunda, Flowable, IBM BPM, Jboss, K2, apart from partnerships with larger platforms such as Pega and Appian, have gained excellent recognition by leading analysts for Digital Process Automation capabilities. The partnerships have been instrumental in driving “advise-to-execute” services covering process consulting, low code application development, intelligent business process management, and dynamic case management.

This booklet encapsulates select success stories from the niche BPM partnerships with Camunda, Flowable, IBM BPM, Jboss, and K2. Summarizing key solution highlights below:

  • Partnering with Camunda to help orchestrate a customer service portal to enable referral case handling during customer onboarding and to create holistic Digital Platform workflows to regulate and monitor various steps in the loan processing process
  • Leveraging Flowable to host a centralized BPM platform that can onboard medium/complex use cases that demand flexible onboarding and maintenance agility using microservice-based business processes
  • Harnessing the IBM BPM platform to develop a system that allows customers and dealers to lease cars and execute contracts using a digital commerce platform (DCOM).
  • Utilizing the Jboss BPM to introduce a rule authoring module to enable the process rule conditions to change, enabling item validation as ordered by the customer, assignment of the warehouse unit, checking on the price of the items that the customer ordered, and determining any product promotions in a typical sales order management process.
  • Using K2 platform helped create an end-to-end workflow process and served as a single source of truth for all business areas, with improved access and transparency of status and information.

With end-to-end capabilities of low code application development, digital process automation (DPA), intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), dynamic case management (DCM), and more, HCLTech and various BPM partnerships are constantly pushing the boundaries in the space and making orchestrated and optimized process experiences come to life.