eCommerce platform modernization for a leading athleisure brand | HCLTech

eCommerce platform modernization for a leading athleisure brand

HCLTech modernized the ecommerce platform to revolutionize omnichannel consumer experiences and spur topline growth
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Our client is one of the world's leading athletic apparel companies, specializing in athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, accessories and more.

The client had outlined a new long-term strategy to foster business growth and enhance customer engagement. To unlock this strategy, the client decided to move from their decade-old legacy platform to a state-of-the-art, future-ready commerce platform that will support and drive business growth.

HCLTech played a key role in helping them evaluate and select the ideal modern commerce platform to meet their objectives. Our expertise facilitated a swift and seamless migration to the selected platform across multiple channels and geographies with zero downtime.

The Challenge

Overcoming inhibitors to exponential growth

As sales soared and the customer base expanded across North America and Europe, this athleisure retailer realized their 10-year-old legacy commerce platform could not keep up with their ambitious growth target. Customers experienced:

  • Fragmented omnichannel customer journeys
  • Limitations in digital infrastructure to support the ambitious growth trajectory
  • Interactions with customer service leading to checkout friction
  • Inability to support operations during peak season

Recognizing the need for modernization to improve its business processes and customer experiences, the company opted for a comprehensive overhaul rather than updating its existing platform.

The Challenge

The Objective

Digital transformation of retail as well as online business

The objective of the was to:

  • Provide a unified, omnichannel commerce experience, enabling customers to seamlessly buy products across channels and touchpoints
  • Facilitate the digital transformation of retail stores
  • Achieve a 3X increase in online business
  • Optimize operational costs
  • Expedite the processes of rolling out new features
eCommerce platform modernization for a leading athleisure brand

The Solution

Platform modernization for seamless, omnichannel customer experience

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the business challenges and our client's future requirements, HCLTech offered end-to-end support, empowering them to navigate through all stages of the platform modernization journey, which included:

  1. Platform evaluation and selection
    Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the business challenges and client's future requirements, we:
    • Conducted a thorough evaluation to select a platform that meets future architectural requirements
    • Commercetools was selected as the final platform for the modernization program
  2. Technology roadmap developments
    We helped the client create a technological blueprint aligned with the business strategy, defining both the MVP and an incremental roadmap for the future.
  3. Platform modernization and global rollout
    • Transitioned from a monolithic architecture to composable microservices-based platform built on commercetools
    • Enabled unified omnichannel stateless commerce services, allowing customers to buy products across channels and touchpoints seamlessly
    • Built the whole platform on the cloud-native architecture for scalability
    • Facilitated the rollout across the geos and channels without any downtime through fully automated end-to-end delivery pipelines and Canary-based automated release

Salient features of HCLTech' s robust solution architecture for commerce platform

  • Microservices based on the MACH platform for scalability
  • The platform supports all business channels – web, mobile, retail stores and customer care
  • Multiple third-party integrations enable commerce processes
  • Various technical and business metrics to monitor and control the operations
  • Development of AWS to drive high availability and scalability

The impact

Revenue growth powered by frictionless omnichannel experience even at peak performance


critical or high priority incidents during complex product launches and cutover


expected reduction in customer service interactions


concurrent users - Platform certified to support

Our thorough business engagement and agile engineering practices delivered exceptional results for our client.

  • Enabled revenue growth
    The platform is poised to triple the online B2C business growth
  • Friction-less omnichannel experience
    Truly omnichannel experience enhanced sales and reduced the volume of customer care calls
  • Zero downtime with Canary approach
    Selective routing of traffic and continuous monitoring for every traffic increase
  • Peak period performance
    During record-high peak season, 23% more orders were processed with zero incidents
  • Accelerated rollout of new features
    On-demand releases in production with the new platform, ensuring faster go-to-market