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Empowering nature’s guardians – The Habitats Trust

Facing challenges with an outdated funding system, The Habitats Trust sought a seamless mechanism. Recognizing HCLTech's expertise they implemented GrantEasy to modernize operations, automate
processes and drive cost-efficiency
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5 min read

The entertainment industry continues to innovate and adopt sustainable digital transformation practices to provide an enhanced and safe customer experience. Building contactless and cashless points of interaction has become an integral pa of the digitization process at theme parks and vacation clubs.


More than 400 brands are owned by the company


Generating an annual turnover of over €50 billion


Available in around 190 countries

In an effort to adapt to emerging trends and embrace emerging technologies, the entertainment conglomerate was looking to transform and upgrade its legacy architecture and dynamic real-time processing capabilities by implementing an end-to-end technology modernization and migration program.

The conglomerate was looking to implement a faster pace of innovation on par with the experiences of cloud-native organizations.

To achieve this objective, the company wanted to replace the legacy mainframe system with a platform that supported its goal of minimizing and mitigating organizational and system technology risk while increasing data quality.

The company partnered with HCLTech to replace its current system with a new platform that allowed the client to improve its entire contract and loan servicing management processes.

HCLTech effectively understood the client’s concerns and provided an Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution that addressed its challenges helping it move to more progressive and adaptive technology.

The challenge

Legacy infrastructure and manual processes hindering efficiency and scalability
  • Outdated funding infrastructure with legacy technology and processes
  • High costs and extensive IT system governance and supervision required
  • Difficulties in tracking and analyzing historical data and project performance
  • Processing delays due to lack of a streamlined system for real-time updates

The objective

Streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance tracking and analysis.
  • Modernize and automate processes for seamless funding mechanisms
  • Reduce costs and enhance scalability through advanced automation
  • Enable real-time tracking and analysis of project performance
  • Improve application progress updates and processing time
  • Drive simplified work, seamless user experiences and transparency in fund utilization

The solution

To streamline the client’s operations, we implemented GrantEasy–an intuitive platform built on SAP Build. This cloud-native BTP solution significantly improved the grant selection process and helped the client comply with the COP guidelines by leveraging multiple solutions including:
  • Leveraging SAP Workflow for advanced automation and bundled processes
  • AI/ML-based soft validation and 'Quick Bee' chatbot for higher efficiency
  • Utilizing SAP Fiori for improved user experiences

reduction in overall grant selection process<12 weeks reduced delivery lead time

<12 weeks

reduced delivery lead time


The impact

An agile digital footprint that strengthens competitive advantage

With the first-ever IT-enabled solution supporting flora and fauna conservation, the client experienced enhanced efficiency with real-time insights into projects. Our solution helped the client become cost-efficient through automated responses from chatbots and trained them for FAQs and soft document validations using BTP AI/ML services.

  • 2x efficiency in monitoring budget utilization for conservation projects.
  • 5x increase in application processing readying the client for scaled operations.
  • Less than 12 weeks of delivery lead time.

“HCLTech GrantEasy provides an intuitive and ideal platform to assist grant selection with real-time analytics to help achieve sustainable development by supporting conservation efforts more holistically.”

Rushikesh Atmaram Chavan
Head - The Habitats Trust

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