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Engineered an immersive XR-powered training solution

Empowered field service engineers to deliver service excellence with precision and expertise
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Our client, a prominent player in the MedTech industry, renowned for their diverse portfolio of medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, is committed to advancing healthcare globally. With a focus on improving patient outcomes and enhancing overall well-being, our client stands at the forefront of MedTech, leveraging cutting-edge technology and research to shape the future of healthcare.

The Challenge

Upskilling field service engineers in a dynamic MedTech environment amidst finite training resources and capacity

Our client heavily relied on a skilled team of field service engineers for seamless installations, precise calibrations and swift troubleshooting of their medical equipment. In the dynamic landscape of medical technology, our client wanted a mechanism to ensure that their field service engineers stayed abreast of their rapid technological advancements. The conventional in-person training model posed efficiency and scalability challenges due to its high overhead costs, time constraints, logistical challenges and limited availability of skilled trainers.

Our client sought an easily accessible, user-friendly solution that offered quick learning and hands-on experience, aiming to boost the confidence and deployment readiness of field technicians in a shorter timeframe.

The Challenge

The Objective

To innovate an efficient, scalable and cost-effective training solution

Recognizing the need for a transformative training approach, our client partnered with HCLTech, drawn by our proven expertise in implementing augmented and mixed reality solutions. The objective was to develop a training solution that not only addressed the demands of evolving medical technology but also scaled effectively, reduced costs and accelerated the learning curve.

The Objective

The Solution

Leveraging extended reality technologies to build an experiential training module

Our expertise in delivering immersive 3D training solutions makes us a preferred partner for crafting innovative training experiences. With a profound understanding of technical training modules, our team of experts developed over 50 unique covering a wide array of procedures and equipment. Each module was meticulously designed to facilitate autonomous learning, eliminating the need for physical instructors. Powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2, our cloud-based training programs facilitated easy access to real-time updates and remote assistance features.

These programs empowered engineers to leverage the HoloLens 2 hand gestures, voice commands and user interface to actively interact with 3D models, creating a profoundly immersive experience. Beyond the core training modules, we integrated remote assistance capabilities, enabling seasoned engineers to provide live support and guidance to trainees. This not only expedites the problem-solving process, but also cultivates a collaborative learning culture.


The Impact

Improved retention, reduced learning time and an innovative training module that can be accessed regardless of place or time

The implementation of extended reality in field service training yielded remarkable business outcomes for our client:

  • Improved cognitive retention: Engineers demonstrated enhanced cognitive retention with the help of the immersive and interactive nature of the extended reality training.
  • Decreased learning curves: The hands-on experience provided through XR significantly reduced the learning curve traditionally associated with complex medical equipment.
  • Cost savings: The shift from traditional training methods to XR resulted in substantial cost savings, not only in terms of travel expenses but also in optimizing resource utilization.
  • Heightened client satisfaction: The increased efficiency of training translated into heightened client satisfaction as our client's engineers became adept at swiftly adapting to new technologies and addressing challenges effectively.

Our unique approach has revolutionized the training landscape, offering a scalable, cost-effective and immersive learning experience, setting new standards in the industry.