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Enhanced IT separation for a top fleet management firm to streamline operations

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5 min read

In the face of IT separation complexities, an Australian-owned business operating across road, rail, air and sea transportation sought a seamless transition while maintaining operational continuity. Partnering with HCLTech, their objective was to achieve this within a reduced timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption.

The Challenge

Navigating IT separation complexities, replicating systems for two entities, maintaining infrastructure and adjusting the branding posed significant challenges. Need for a partner to manage complex associations during IT separation, including seamless infrastructure migration from one entity to another within a new account.


The Objective

The objective was to achieve seamless IT separation within a reduced timeframe, ensuring operational continuity and minimal disruption.

  • Replicate the existing system for two entities during IT separation while maintaining the same infrastructure with branding adjustments
  • Partner with a service provider capable of managing complex associations during IT separation
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The Solution

HCLTech deployed a comprehensive solution leveraging various to replicate infrastructure, enable seamless data transmission, facilitate communication and ensure scalability to address evolving requirements.

  • Strategically replicated infrastructure for both entities using AWS components like Kinesis, Apache Storm, Elastic Search, EMR, Lambda and ECS
  • The track and trace solution utilized a Lambda, Apache Storm and EMR combination to enable seamless data transmission to third-party systems via FTP through web browsers
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) facilitated email notifications, while third-party tools delivered SMS to specific regions
  • Additional AWS components, such as ECS for shipment creation, Lambda for pickup and rate inquiry and Fargate for scalability and performance, were incorporated to meet evolving requirements

The Impact

The implemented solution yielded several benefits for the organization.

  • By efficiently replicating the infrastructure and adapting it to two separate entities, HCLTech enabled continued operations with minimal disruption
  • Leveraging AWS components and strategic architectural decisions, the solution provided scalability, performance improvements and isolation for enhanced reliability
  • The migration of infrastructure, along with seamless DNS resolution and infrastructure adjustments, ensured uninterrupted service provision and operational efficiency
  • Overall, the successful implementation of the solution contributed to improved business continuity, scalability and operational agility for the organization