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Enhancing integration efficiency for a leading beverage company

HCLTech's role in strategic interface streamlining and operational efficiency
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5 min read

Our client, a major player in the beverage industry, sought to migrate and implement over 120 interfaces seamlessly in Boomi. Additionally, they aimed to reduce customer onboarding time, decrease operational costs and achieve the ambitious goal of onboarding 40+ new partners annually.

The Challenge

Navigating complex interface migration

The client's primary challenge revolved around the migration and implementation of a substantial number of interfaces in Boomi. This encompassed the onboarding of new partners, map changes and the implementation of crucial base maps and clone maps containing essential transaction types such as ORDERS, INVOIC, DESADV, IFTMIN, IFTMAN, INVRPT and DELFOR, among others. Furthermore, they sought to streamline operations by establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the operations team.


The Objective

Driving efficiency and accelerating onboarding

The primary objectives were twofold. First, they aimed to enhance operational efficiency by implementing SOPs and extending platform functionality for improved transaction reporting and KPI metrics. Second, they aspired to significantly reduce customer onboarding time and operational costs while achieving an annual target of onboarding 40 or more new partners.

Enhancing integration efficiency for a leading beverage company

The Solution

Strategic implementation for efficiency

HCLTech devised a comprehensive solution to address the client's challenges. This included the development of new partner onboarding processes, meticulous mapping changes, and implementing base and clone maps. The core transaction types — ORDERS, INVOIC, DESADV, IFTMIN, IFTMAN, INVRPT and DELFOR — were integrated seamlessly into the . Also, the establishment of SOPs provided clear guidelines for the operations team. HCLTech extended platform functionality to enhance transaction reporting and KPI metrics, establishing a robust and efficient system.


The Impact

Augmented EDI operations and proactive management

The implemented solutions orchestrated by HCLTech brought about a significant transformation in the client's business operations, yielding impactful outcomes, including:

  • Integration of Boomi with the existing ERP system resulted in a substantial enhancement of EDI operations
  • The integrated system enabled comprehensive analysis, allowing for effective identification and remediation of business workflow issues
  • HCLTech successfully executed the migration of interfaces to the Boomi platform, ensuring a seamless transition
  • The implementation of base and clone maps served as a foundation for streamlining processes, contributing to operational efficiency
  • HCLTech’s proactive approach to support and implementation minimized management overhead for the client, showcasing commitment to timelines and SLAs