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Our decade-long partnership with Boomi, as a GSI (Global Systems Integrator) partner focuses on a 360-degree partnership model involving customers, partners, and resellers. By leveraging Boomi's AtomSphere platform capabilities in integration, API management, Master Data Hub, and EDI/B2B management the partnership facilitates secure and flexible data and application integration, enhancing scalability and modernizing legacy systems. HCLTech's active Boomi CoE further champions and amplifies Boomi adoption, consistently pushing boundaries in integrated experiences.


Our Capabilities

HCLTech empowers organizations to supercharge their digital transformation journey by leveraging our expertise in amplified Boomi implementations, driving agility, efficiency, and innovation in the digital age.

Highly experienced leadership

Enhanced Control

HCLTech empowers customers with enterprise integration, granting them greater control over their operations.

Best-in-class execution and performance

Streamlined Processes

HCLTech's enterprise integration solutions simplify and streamline complex business processes, even in the presence of asynchronous applications.

Onsite, near and offshore centers of excellence

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Through enterprise integration, HCLTech aids customers in reducing costs, time to market, and effort, while facilitating seamless information exchange within and beyond the organization.

Our Solutions

Experience the power of HCLTech Advantage Boomi robust ecosystem, packed with cutting-edge frameworks and accelerators. Witness how this accelerates the execution of your Boomi integration.

HCLTech Advantage Integration Competency Center (ICC) starter kit

A composite set of best practices, reusable frameworks, conventions, standards, and guidelines that help kick-start the Boomi journey for a customer and guide developments and deployments across the enterprise.

HCLTech Advantage Rapid Deployment framework for Boomi

The Rapid Deployment Framework enables enterprises to automate the Boomi deployments through the enterprise-wide CI-CD (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment) server and leverage other DevOps tooling in the enterprises thereby enabling them to leverage the benefits of continuous deployment and continuous testing.

HCLTech Advantage Real-time Operations and Analytics Reporting (ROAR)

A next-gen monitoring solution based on open-source frameworks, HCLTech ROAR delivers a rich console for real-time service, APIs, and KPI monitoring and reporting.

HCLTech Advantage Unit-testing framework

A reusable framework that enables automated unit testing of modular Boomi processes that can also be integrated with DevOps pipelines. This framework exposes itself as an API and allows automated Unit testing of a particular interface/API or a set of interfaces.

HCLTech Advantage Migration framework

This enables migration of Boomi environments for deployed code as well as environment extensions. The framework is exposed as a simple to use API hosted in Boomi itself and hides complexity of AtomSphere API Orchestration, copying schedules and extension values from source environment and applies to the target environment.

HCLTech Advantage Boomi Utils

A set of design patterns, standards, checklists, and ready-to-use components, these utility resources expedite Boomi implementation for clients, offering swift customization and efficiency, leading to faster time-to-market and decreased operational costs in any Boomi project.

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