Enhancing IT security and efficiency for a global glass repair leader | HCLTech

Enhancing IT security and efficiency for a global glass repair leader

Our client is a global leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement.
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5 min read

The Challenge

Disparate cloud environments hampering innovation and technological advancement

Our client faced several challenges that hindered future innovation, including:

  • Uneven security measures increased cyber threats
  • Diverse and fragmented cloud environments
  • Insufficient secure collaboration with partners
  • Lack of automation in data management, geo-fencing, orchestration and cloud services
The challenges

The Objective

Streamlining business processes

The client wanted to create an IT environment that is adaptable and reliable and supports the business in future innovations. The goal was to implement a cohesive, scalable solution and design a well-structured landing zone.

The Objective
Enhancing IT security and efficiency for a global glass repair leader

The Solution

Leverage automated Prizm for cost reduction

HCLTech devised a comprehensive solution employing a :

  • Implementation of highly scalable primary and Disaster Recovery (DR) sites on Azure
  • Built DR process and automation aligned with Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective specifications
  • Adoption of an assembly line-based migration approach
  • Automated migration and remediation via One Click Migrate (OneClick is HCLTech's pre-engineered automation tool for migration and landing zone build)
  • Facilitation of design workshops with stakeholders to guide design considerations
  • Leveraged automated Prizm, HCLTech's pre-engineered tool for portfolio assessment, to reduce the cost and timeline of assessments
  • Build and configure landing zone using HCLTech accelerators based on Azure DevOps and Infrastructure-as-a-Code
  • Scalability and standardization for the migration
  • Performed extensive testing and quality checks to confirm the integrity and reliability of the landing zone

The Impact

Streamlined infrastructure automation, reduced costs and timelines

The implemented solution delivered significant benefits for the client, enhancing operational efficiency, fortifying security measures and reducing costs, all while maintaining business continuity.

  • Proactive incident avoidance
  • Enhanced business process efficiency
  • Optimization of cloud resources resulting in cost reduction
  • Establishment of a well-architected landing zone incorporating best practices in governance, identity, network, security and monitoring
  • Seamless implementation of Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery with minimal disruption
  • Planning and migration of workloads from old subscriptions to new ones
  • Improved service quality
  • leads to enhanced accuracy, decreased costs and timelines
The Impact