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GDPR security case study Enterprise Studio

Global banking and financial services company increases competitive edge with GDPR compliance and enhanced security


The EU banking environment is very competitive, so a high level of security and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance are essential. The bank was especially interested in strengthening authentication, and insisted on only working with implementation teams with intimate knowledge of Broadcom Software products and deep real-world experience with bank processes.


Only Enterprise Studio was able to bring such expertise to the engagement. Our work included OTP token vendor selection, token lifecycle management, and integrating Enterprise Studio’s multi-factor authentication with legacy CA Advanced Authentication infrastructure. Our business consultants, familiar with the bank’s processes, helped to identify needs and issues, acting with urgency and concentrating on customer use cases—not just the technical solution.


The client identified two successful outcomes from the engagement. First, enhanced security for many of its internal applications, and second, compliance with the GDPR. These two outcomes put the bank in a strong competitive position in their business environment.

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