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Single Sign-on (SSO) adds security and cost-efficiency for financial organization

American multinational finance and insurance corporation adds secure and cost-efficient Single Sign-on (SSO) with Enterprise Studio


Our client needed to comply with Singapore’s mandate that all financial organizations using the government’s Singpass portal authenticate access to the portal with National ID credentials. The client had an existing Symantec SiteMinder infrastructure and wanted to achieve secure Singpass single sign-on (SSO) without storing the National ID in the local SiteMinder user store.


Based on our existing successful engagement, and our expertise with single sign-on (SSO), we collaborated with our client to develop custom components to meet their business need. Using the agile methodology, Enterprise Studio delivered a solution in increments, building customer confidence along the way.

The solution includes custom Symantec SiteMinder authentication, a custom agent servlet and a sample log-in page. Enterprise Studio’s Global Services Delivery team worked with our client to test the solution with Singpass National IDs.


The successful integration leveraged the company’s Symantec SiteMinder infrastructure and accomplished its business and compliance goals. The cost-effective solution achieves secure single sign-on (SSO) transactions with virtual IDs over TLS and encrypted and signed JWTs. The Singpass QR code login experience is faster than the company’s previous RSA token logins, enabling removal of its RSA authentication dependency.

After this successful engagement, we packaged the solution so that it is easily available for other clients.

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