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Fast, customized data visualizations for an investment management firm

HCLTech deployed a custom BI solution to streamline data insights.
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5 min read


Our client is a global technology-focused investment management firm that invests in both the public and private markets. In this field, performance is directly correlated to a firm’s ability to derive valuable insights from data and make fast, accurate decisions. This client came to realize that their current BI infrastructure and tools were holding back decision-making and they needed a state-of-the-art alternative.

The Challenge

Sluggish data visualizations

The client was struggling with a slow and inflexible BI toolset, resulting in data visualization that took over a minute to appear and lacked the desired level of customizability.


The Objective

In-depth chart customization features

The client needed to ensure:

  • Tableau dashboards and Vega charts would deliver optimal responsiveness, even when multiple charts are displayed simultaneously
  • Users would have the flexibility to build highly customized, visually appealing charts for real-time data
Fast, customized data visualizations for an investment management firm

The Solution

Design and deploy a custom-designed tool for peak BI performance

, an inhouse tool, as a platform to build a customized solution. This customized expansion of the out-of-the-box product made it possible to:

  • Incorporate a chart builder with advanced embedding capabilities so that the client can embed multiple charts into their management portal
  • Design the new chart builder’s features to be accessible enough for inexperienced users but offer all the flexibility that power users require
  • Ensure the fastest possible load times for visualizations
  • Tailor the solution to the client’s unique use cases, existing data architecture and pipelines to eliminate all non-essential overhead from the process of displaying the data

The Impact

Improved time to insight

Within two months, HCLTech delivered the initial implementation. It provided the required flexibility to create custom embeddable charts, and the overall load speed of the client’s data visualizations — drawing from 10 billion rows — went from over a minute to a matter of seconds. These improvements enabled the company’s executives to dig faster and deeper into their data for insights and make critical investment decisions in near-real-time.