How mining company MMG reshaped its IT operating model internationally by partnering | HCLTech

HCLTech helps global mining company MMG reshape its IT operating model

This more sustainable and resilient IT operating model allows the client to spend more time on IT strategy and governance
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5 min read

The Client

MMG Limited is a global resources company that mines, explores and develops base metal projects. It operates mines in Australia, Peru and Democratic Republic of the Congo and has annual revenue of $3B.

The Challenge

Modernize current combination of inhouse and outsource operating model

MMG wanted to reduce costs, improve its risk posture and make its IT operating model more flexible while improving the user experience. This meant the IT operating model needed to be reshaped to achieve greater sustainability and resilience, including legacy systems.

The Challenge

The Objective

Effectively expand outsource model

To achieve its goals, the company needed to transition from its existing blended inhouse and outsource operating model to an expanded outsource model, including service management for applications and service integration and management (SIAM). Several applications also needed to be migrated to the cloud.

Within six months of the initial transition, MMG moved its enterprise IT function strategy and governance from Australia to China, which added different internal stakeholders and a new team dynamic to the relationship.


The Solution

Create one cohesive managed services arrangement with HCLTech

MMG partnered with HCLTech to transition its inhouse applications capabilities and resources as well as its existing vendor capabilities to the new IT operating model.

This complex project involved working with multiple stakeholders across multiple organizations in multiple countries with a variety of different regulatory and procedural requirements.

It also involved moving inhouse and outsource capabilities into one outsource managed services arrangement, which required a substantial amount of knowledge transfer and implementing new ways of working across the entire IT ecosystem and user base.

The project also established a single integrated platform for all of its external partners to enhance service management, and a new governance model to manage and generate value from its new partner ecosystem. This included implementing a SIAM governance infrastructure to build a control layer across multiple external partners.

With cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure key priorities for MMG, HCLTech moved the company onto . This enabled MMG to manage costs by expanding or contracting usage based on business needs and provided a platform to unlock more business value from their value chain.

The Impact

Internal MMG team focused on IT strategic planning and governance

The project delivered multiple business benefits to MMG, including:

  • Integrated and streamlined application and infrastructure management services
  • Cost reduction due to migration to the cloud
  • Flexibility and resilience throughout their IT operating model

HCLTech continues to manage MMG's global IT environment on an ongoing basis, working collaboratively with the company to continually improve its systems and processes.

The client also regularly taps into HCLTech’s deep technology-agnostic experience and mining-specific solutions and services to add value to the organization.

The Impact