Leading health conglomerate’s cybersecurity posture strengthened by HCLTech | HCLTech

Leading health conglomerate’s cybersecurity posture strengthened by HCLTech

HCLTech cybersecurity consulting team secured the end-to-end operations
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5 min read

As an American multinational managed healthcare and insurance company with multiple business units and a global presence, our client experienced rapid growth in recent years. To ensure a consistent security posture and protect against cyberattacks, the client aimed to integrate security controls across all newly acquired companies. However, given the company's size, it was challenging to achieve these cybersecurity and operational objectives without external expertise.

The Challenge

Streamlining cybersecurity operations for the parent company and new acquisitions

Due to staffing shortages, gaps in device and data protection and the need for cybersecurity expertise, the client required assistance in implementing a consistent set of cybersecurity policies or a systematized framework. In addition, the client needed to rapidly expand its security workforce and sought domain experts to guide them in planning, compliance and implementing best practices for a reliable cybersecurity architecture.

The challenge was compounded by recent mergers and acquisitions, that needed threat visibility and aligned procedures. Recognizing HCLTech's reputation as an ecosystem enabler for future-oriented businesses, the client partnered with us to overcome its security challenges.


The Objective

Optimizing efficiency by recruiting, training and managing the right talent

Initially, the client was considering a staffing model with multiple partners. However, HCLTech proposed a consolidated solution with a hybrid and agile team. This suggestion was well-received by the client, who was impressed by HCLTech's subject matter expertise and track record in designing and implementing integrated action plans across the entire enterprise. As a result, the partnership expanded in scope. In addition to addressing IT-related tasks, HCLTech also provided advisory services for security controls beyond the initial cybersecurity scope. Furthermore, HCLTech filled the gaps in the client's cybersecurity teams on a long-term basis.

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The Solution

Delivering end-to-end cybersecurity services and talent

To accelerate the client’s progress, HCLTech combined the capabilities of the team with cyber-transformation resources and program management. HCLTech ensured that the solutions were flexible, highly scalable and cost-effective. HCLTech’s cybersecurity expertise, technical management and elite consultants drove the client’s cybersecurity framework and operations. The experts provided a bespoke plan, strategy, tools, implementation methods and the day-to-day oversight required by such a large enterprise.

The Impact

Increased visibility, smooth operations and cost advantage

HCLTech strengthened the client’s business by:

  • Deploying 20+ security tools across 100s of locations of newly acquired companies to improve security posture of endpoints, cloud, email, perimeter and remote access
  • Adhering to the latest compliance frameworks
  • Installing and configuring security tools
  • Sourcing onshore and offshore resources
  • Providing strategic advisors who managed implementation teams
  • Delivering multilingual support

HCLTech's successful implementation of the initial batch of staffing, our ability to efficiently run the client's operations and an effective and timely management of a dynamic cybersecurity landscape have created new partnership opportunities with the client.