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Migrating to a seamless human experience with Generative AI

By collaborating with HCLTech to transform its customer service desk ticket resolution with AI, this financial services organization is realizing improved operations efficiency and long-term bottom-line savings.
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The Business Challenge

Proudly serving over 5 million people with an impeccable retention rate year over year, customer service has been integral to the client’s over 160-year success. It’s no secret that people now expect the enhanced experiences that technology is able to deliver. To continue meeting client expectations and delivering an experience that maintains their loyalty, the client initiated a strategic pivot to be “digital-first.”



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Year over year client retention

Our client understood the importance of ensuring a seamless human experience for its customers remained throughout the transition to this digital-first approach. To uncover opportunity for enhancements, it performed a robust assessment of its omnichannel interactions ecosystem. The client found that, by utilizing automation in its customer service desk ticket resolution processes, it could not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly drive long-term bottom-line savings.

Omnichannel interactions currently were conducted through phone, chat and email, which required support agents to manually summarize and note essential information. This often resulted in critical data loss and incomplete summarizations of the issue, leading to extended resolution times.

To avoid such experiences that decreased customer satisfaction — while enhancing productivity and reducing operating expenses for the Service Desk — implementing automation was a necessity.


To turn the client’s complex and issue-laden manual resolution process into an agile, AI-powered operation, the solution needed to:

  • Enhance process efficiency
  • Boost employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Reduce the cost of service
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The Generative AI Transformation

To meet the client's specific needs, we leveraged HCLTech Advantage Migrate, integrated with Microsoft Fabric, to develop an end-to-end ticket resolution system. This state-of-the-art generative AI solution features Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services for automated responses, utilizing historical interaction data to auto-identify resolutions.

We also incorporated a sophisticated follow-up workflow into the solution — employing advanced techniques that included classification, summarization, contextualization and matching similarities — to make sure nothing is missed.

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The GenAI Transformation

The Business Results

With this AI-powered solution, our client is improving efficiency and driving significant cost savings:


An approximate 80% reduction in summarization efforts translated to expedited ticket creation


Complete automation of ticket classification removed the process entirely from human hands, saving 100% of the associated efforts


A striking 70% reduction in manual labor for ticket resolution, with a lean L3 process optimization


The automation solution is expected to deliver projected savings of roughly $3.2 million annually

Migrating the client’s issue resolution processes from manual to AI-powered resulted in serious reductions in manual efforts across ticket


The efficiency of the solution developed for our client was driven by its ability to streamline ticket creation, flawlessly classify tickets through automation and resolve tickets autonomously. The enhanced customer experience the solution provides is helping our client provide seamless interactions to keep satisfaction high and customers loyal.

With cost savings projected to be in the millions of dollars annually, HCLTech has delivered a solution that’s gone beyond expected bottom-line opportunities to exponential gains.

1 Loyalty is based on client data