Modernizing employee experience (EX) using AWS for a European railway company | HCLTech

Modernizing employee experience (EX) using AWS for a European railway company

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5 min read

HCLTech provided substantial cost benefits for the multinational travel partner by automating critical provisioning and operational business processes

The client is a European multi-country travel partner responsible for ensuring a seamless travel experience for 150,000 people, including 1,220 departures from 291 stations daily.

The Challenge

The need to take employee experience to the next level has always been the priority for our client. Because they were still operating a legacy contact center, they could not meet modern customer experiences at the desired cost levels.

  • Complex and expensive contact center architecture with more than four OEMs that were not adding much value to the customer experience
  • Static architecture that failed to scale with changing call volumes and users
  • Increasing support costs every year

The Objective

They wanted to improve the employee experience to ensure a seamless travel experience for their customers:

  • Enhance employee experience to elevate customer service standards
  • Achieve cost-effective solutions while providing superior service delivery and seamless travel experiences
Modernizing employee

The Solution

As part of this engagement, HCLTech delivered a consumption-based public cloud solution for omnichannel contact centers with ServiceNow's out-of-the-box integration. An optimized cost delivery model was ensured for the legacy contact center's migration to , followed by seamless integration and deployment.

The team leveraged HCLTech's innovative service delivery model and FluidCC framework and handled the customer's end-to-end requirements over voice and chat. With constant support and an integrated approach, the customer seamlessly transitioned their service for over 4,600 employees to Amazon Connect with zero defects.

  • Use of automation for provisioning, operations and target state solutions on Amazon Connect
  • Public cloud environment setup as per best practices and 10,000 voice minutes per month
  • Omnichannel CX supporting voice and chat
  • Omnichannel agent experience to handle both voice and chat on the same interface
  • Call routing utilizing queue overflow capability
  • Post-call analytics and real-time call analytics using contact lens
  • A dashboard to quickly see operational analytics
  • Zero-defect migration approach
  • Complete re-imagination of legacy CX with transition to cloud

The Impact

The transformation to AWS Connect brought immediate benefits for our client. It made their entire system more flexible and cost-effective with consumption-based cloud operations. HCLTech provided substantial cost benefits over and above what a cloud service provider can do by automating critical provisioning and operational business processes.

  • Ultimate flexibility that allowed the client to change loads dynamically and spend in direct proportion to the consumption
  • Open architecture allowed for significant opportunities to add new capabilities with a rich ecosystem provided by FluidCC service
  • Callers received ultimate personalization options, a capability unimaginable in legacy contact centers