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Modernizing quality assurance for product specification compliance

Successfully implemented a system achieving 95% automated data extraction for supplier document verification process
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5 min read

A leading American oil field services company was on the lookout to revamp its quality process. Their legacy process involved manual verification of multiple supplier documents and was prone to errors, compliance issues and delays in validating documents against requirements during quality checks.

By leveraging HCLTech iDoRAN, we developed a solution to facilitate the optimization of the client's business processes, resulting in a substantial boost in efficiency and productivity. This encompassed automating its quality checks and ensuring supplier documentation compliance before shipping products.


increase in productivity.


automated data extraction


reduction in manual data processing

The Challenge

Transforming manual operations into streamlined automated processes

The legacy manual operations resulted in the deterioration of output quality and errors during the quality check process. Manual verification required referring to technical documents from external systems like SAP, PLMs and ERPs, which added to the complexity in the process. This posed efficiency challenges with time-consuming processes requiring multiple approvals which adversely affected the organization’s ROI. This also gave rise to security challenges with sensitive information getting exposed to potential breaches. Compliance became difficult as the outdated systems struggled to keep pace with the evolving regulations. All these factors led to productivity losses.


The Objective

An accessible and automated approach for reviewing supplier documents and reduce manual dependencies

The client sought an accessible approach to reviewing supplier documents after navigating through multiple pieces of documentation. Their goal was to implement an automated solution capable of identifying all the product requirements to be submitted by suppliers. This system targeted the validation of supplier documents against client specifications, ensuring that the products adhered to the required standards.

Key objectives:

  • Reduce notification from suppliers due to product document discrepancies
  • Automate supplier notification management for documents to facilitate the efficient acceptance or rejection of documents
  • Automate the review, product requirement identification and validation from engineering document

The Solution

A supplier document verification application to validate product documentation packets

In partnership with the client, we built a cutting-edge application for their comprehensive document review process. This collaboration culminated in a custom-designed validation bot, drastically reducing acceptance / rejection notifications and streamlining the entire workflow. Our proprietary solution, HCLTech , played a pivotal role in accelerating product development and delivering significant results.


The solution utilizes computer vision and text mining capabilities to uncover critical business insights that focus on:

  • Simplifying and optimizing the supplier review process comprehensively
  • Deploying AI/ML/NLP techniques in a cloud environment as a web application
  • Identifying product requirements in various engineering documents
  • Creating a customized bot to systematically validate documents against specified requirements leading to a significant reduction in quality notifications by addressing document discrepancies
  • Extracting necessary requirements from drawings, specifications and inspection reports using HD OCR capability

The Impact

Improved efficiency through automation of document review process covering 100% of document content


By implementing a comprehensive transformation strategy at scale without service disruption, we empowered the client to achieve remarkable outcomes:

  • 95% of the process was automated
  • 15k supplier documents are reviewed every month
  • Achieved cost savings of $1.8 M+ USD annually
  • Improved SLA from 5 days to 8 hrs
  • Enhanced QC output quality from 85% to over 95% with 8X increase in productivity