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Omnichannel experience transformation for an American tire manufacturing company

HCLTech defined a future-ready omnichannel platform and roadmap for transformation to drive growth for an American tire manufacturing company
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5 min read


Our client is one of the top five tire and rubber manufacturers in the world. They manufacture tires for automobiles, commercial trucks, light trucks, motorcycles and more. Faced with limitations in their digital infrastructure to support an ambitious growth trajectory, the company turned to HCLTech to validate their strategy and technology architecture and help re-platform the corporate website and EMEA brand websites for their B2C business.

The Challenge

Overcoming inhibitors to exponential growth

  • Non-compliant corporate website not in accordance with brand guidelines
  • Lack of multi-site management (MSM) setup for the existing website, hindering multi-country and multi-language rollouts
  • The absence of caching was affecting the page performance and response time
  • Hard-coded pages and configurations, necessitating IT involvement for minor changes
  • Lack of a content publishing approval workflow, leading to increased responsibility and dependency on a few business team members

The Objective

To define and implement an omnichannel platform to drive growth and customer delight

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Build a platform using chameleon architecture for responsive capability in an omnichannel experience
  • Enable business and marketing users to manage content through enhanced authoring capabilities
  • Redesign and migrate the on-premises corporate website from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.1 to AEM cloud service
  • Migrate EMEA brand websites from SDL Tridion to AEM on for uniformity in the Content Management System (CMS)

The Solution

Technology consolidation for the best enabling unified platform

We also built the website with improved authoring capabilities, utilizing modular components and editor-driven, configurable templates, which streamlined content management. Moreover, we ensured accessibility compliance by adhering to the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG), making the websites more inclusive and user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. The integration of Advantage Experience tools and migration scripts expedited the transition of content items, ensuring a smooth migration process. These solutions collectively contributed to a more efficient and accessible online presence for the client.

  • Complete website redesign for responsiveness across mobile, tablet and web with cross-platform capabilities
  • Implementation of the corporate website on AEM as a cloud service with key design considerations, enhancing website speed and responsiveness through dispatcher caching
  • Migration of existing sites from SDL Tridion to Adobe Managed Services (AMS)
  • Development of a platform with chameleon architecture for responsive features
  • Establishment of multi-site management for multi-country and multi-language roll-outs

The Impact

Journey to a desired state of speed, scalability and seamless user experiences

  • Reduced time-to-market for changes, minimizing IT involvement and lowering change-related costs
  • Maximization of AEM features like core components, editable templates, and Touch UI to reduce redevelopment efforts
  • Creation of a multi-channel/multi-device platform for an optimized user experience across various channels and devices
  • Enhanced performance of product detail page (PDP) and product listing page (PLP) using GraphQL
  • 15% Performance improvement for the corporate website
  • 30% Improvement in search time
  • 99.99% Achieved a 99.99% uptime for all websites, ensuring a future-ready content management system