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Optimized network and data center infrastructure for a manufacturing company

Leveraging HCLTech’s Network Consulting and Assessment Services to streamline processes and gain market share for an American petrochemical giant.
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Our client is one of the largest oil producers in the US, with presence in more than 20 countries across Middle East, Africa and Latin America. They sought a partner to help them revamp business operations (acquisitions, expansion) and gain market share in the carbon engineering space.

The Challenge

Our client’s current technology infrastructure presented four key challenges:

  • An aging legacy network infrastructure, which included outdated WAN links and network devices close to nearing end-of-life (EOL).
  • Their IT team was performing manual operations for repetitive tasks such as managing WAN tickets, which was both time-consuming and costly.
  • Absence of defined application policies and limited visibility on OEM switches contributed to low application visibility.
  • Expensive MPLS bandwidth and reliance on a service provider increased the financial burden and dependencies
The Challenge

The company wanted to retire legacy AS400 contract and loan applications, facilitate the end-to-end loan and contract management process, reduce manual processes and enhance the internal control environment.

The Objective

Through a partnership with HCLTech, they wanted to assess their technology maturity, identifying opportunities around operational maturity and transformation across their data centers and network infrastructure — all with two specific objectives:

  • Increase operational excellence
  • Accelerate time-to-value
The Objective

The Solution

The Solution
  • Utilizing our Gold Audit Assessment Services, our network consultants conducted a comprehensive examination of the client’s network, generating a detailed score-based report. This report assessed the current state and recommended optimal practices for enhancing the network infrastructure. After analyzing the results, we proposed a network transformation strategy, including LAN refresh with EOL analysis and deployment, along with SD-WAN implementation.
  • Our consultants also helped the client consolidate 14 of its data centers, along with preparing a proper data archival strategy with a higher degree of automation and simplified management.
  • We further deployed network automation tools to minimize repetitive tasks, leading to improved network troubleshooting and management capabilities.

The Impact

Our Network Consulting and Assessment Services transformed our client’s business operations, leading to several positive impacts, including:

  • 20%-30% cost reduction by performing data center consolidation
  • 25%-30% cost savings with data archival on cloud
  • Accelerated time to value by streamlining non-disruptive tasks. Our network consultants also guided them to concentrate on their core enablement tasks, reducing the need for planning and implementation.
  • Reduced remediation time by automating repetitive tasks and introducing self-healing capabilities. We also introduced the concept of single-pane-of-glass management, offering network scalability and flexibility to their IT team.

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