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Robust network infrastructure is essential for the next- gen enterprises – augmenting IT outcomes, ensuring engagement, and driving business efficiency. However, modern network services have to address several emerging challenges, such as:

  • Dynamic traffic patterns
  • Growing data volumes
  • Increasing bandwidth requirements
  • Disruptive technologies such as Cloud and IoT

With connectivity and dependable network services as their operational backbone, the enterprises must embrace rapid transformation in IT network services that’s augmented by managed network services, and design a hyper-responsive business blueprint. This necessitates a composite transitioning of existing network services, alongside infrastructure upgrade, in-sync with today’s digital economy.

As a result, state-of-the-art network solutions must ensure the following features:

  • Adaptability to technological changes
  • Capabilities for global expansion/increasing geographical reach
  • Centrally managed network services across units
  • Consistent end-user experiences

HCLTech has worked closely with IT leaders for over two decades – initiating digital transformation that is both intrinsic and comprehensive as well as involving network security services. The next generation digital models – that are ‘experience-centric’, ‘service-oriented’ and ‘outcome-based’ – are at the heart of our large-scale network revamp and managed IT services portfolio that also fulfills the need for network applications, telecom managed services, and network managed services. Bolstered by analytics-driven insights, strong industry partnerships, integrated network solutions, cutting-edge execution frameworks, and extensive experience in managed network services, we re-architect existing infrastructure, network applications, and legacy networks, besides telecom infrastructure management.

Our managed network service and secured network services offerings include:

  • Data Centre Transformation – Network Service Node, SDN, and NFV/VNF
  • WAN – SDWAN, iWAN, Cloud-based WAN, cross connect and express route, and SD L2 Backbone
  • Voice and UCaaS - UCaaS, audio/video conferencing, UCC monitoring and analytics, contact center, and Wi-Fi
  • Automation and orchestration solutions - System integration tools, integrated DDI, IP address management, network automation and analytics, API integration, network lifecycle management, task-based automation, and workflow-based automation
  • SDN readiness assessment – Assessment for infrastructure and operational readiness, organizational change planning, and sustainable business realignment

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