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Redefining customer experience for an African technology group

HCLTech implemented a seamless ecommerce portal that enabled self-service
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5 min read

Our client is a leading pan-African technology group operating across 14 countries in the African continent. They provide network, cloud and cyber security offerings through strategic partnerships with leading global players, innovative business applications, intelligent cloud services and world-class security to the African continent.

The Challenge

Growth restrictions in customer experience and operational efficiency

Our client faced a few roadblocks that were restricting their growth, including:

  • The inability of customers to order online directly and manually intensive processes for opportunity and order capture
  • Long lead times compared to competitors, even for straightforward connectivity requests
  • Lack of seamless customer experience, from ordering services to being able to self-serve
The Challenge

The Objective

Empowering operations with software defined networks (SDN)

Our client was looking for a partner to enable their processes and systems to have the flexibility to leverage the automation potential of SDN. SDN allows seamless communication between the software-based controllers, application programming interfaces (APIs), the hardware infrastructure and the direct traffic in a network. They wanted an overhaul of their customer experience that would make it seamless and simple.


The Solution

Streamlining change with Salesforce CRM platform

HCLTech supported our client from strategy to implementation and sustenance services that included support and maintenance of . We were actively involved and engaged in various architectural considerations like environment strategy, data strategy, governance and solution evaluation. We worked on governing end-to-end ecommerce best practice design and user experience for various personas.

  • Implementing Experience Cloud for the ecommerce and self-service digital capabilities of existing Salesforce CRM platform
  • Superior user experience and journeys being built using the lightning web component (LWC) framework and lightning design system
  • Leveraged existing customer data models, business processes and product configurations built on the Salesforce platform
  • Persona and brand-based journeys and UX provide personalization for different customer segments while ensuring the reuse of underlying platform capabilities
  • Undertook end-to-end accountability from UX design, build and test to deploy and operate, including partnering on their marketing efforts
The Solution

The Impact

Solution-driven cost efficiency and enhanced engagement

HCLTech’s solution led to:

  • 10% reduction in operational costs in the first year by removing reliance and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) from multiple portals
  • 15% estimated increase in pipelines
  • Savings from the reduction in full time equivalents (FTE) allowed them to focus on new customer acquisitions
  • Real-time visibility and notifications of customers helped improve customer engagement
The Impact