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HCLTech’s Salesforce partnership was established in 2010. As a Summit Consulting Partner for Salesforce, HCLTech is a leader in the rapidly growing market space associated with Salesforce cloud solutions like Sales & CPQ, Service & Field Serivce, Marketing, Commerce, Experiences (formerly Communities), Einstein GPT, Data Cloud, Industry solutions, Platform and AppExchange products.

The HCLTech Salesforce spectrum offers a comprehensive range of services, from advisory and system integration services to support services, and helps enterprises achieve the full potential of Salesforce solutions to reshape business experiences and deliver better, faster, intelligent and personalized solutions —giving them scalability across industries. The practice has a vertically aligned go-to-market strategy that is focused on Banking & Financial Services, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Telecom, Retail & Consumer Goods, Hi-Tech & Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Media & Entertainment and Travel & Hospitality.


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Our Capabilities

Accelerate your journey with HCLTech and Salesforce as we bring forth advanced capabilities that help in building efficiency, optimizing business processes, reducing human effort and supercharging progress.

Enhanced customer journey

HCLTech and Salesforce specialize in creating long-term client relationships that are solution-driven. Insightful decisions coupled with superior Salesforce solutions leveraged by skilled professionals to craft personalized journeys leads to satisfied customers and partners who are future-ready.

Seamless migration

Don't let the fear of a complex migration hold you back from exploring the possibilities we offer. Our team of seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of Salesforce capabilities will guide you through every step of the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition without any disruption to your daily operations.

Expanding scale with speed

With our proprietary accelerators and solutions on Salesforce, you will gain agility, as well as the value of a faster go-to-market strategy and more streamlined processes, empowering you to stay ahead of the competition. We specialize in enabling you to connect various systems and processes seamlessly.

Awards and Recognitions

Leader In ISG Provider Lens™ Salesforce Ecosystem Partners, 2023

Leader In ISG Salesforce Ecosystem Partners - Implementation Services for Analytics Solutions on Salesforce, 2022

Leader In ISG Salesforce Ecosystem Partners - Managed Application Services for Large Enterprises, 2022

Leader In ISG Salesforce Ecosystem Partners - Multi-Cloud Implementation & Integration Services for Large Enterprises, US, 2022


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Ela Berntsson

Product Owner, Client Portal & iLearning


Ela Berntsson

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Senior IT Director, Solution Delivery


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