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Revolutionizing network connectivity for a leading European automotive manufacturer

The client faced issues with non-standardized networks and overlapping tools, seeking a digital partner to identify business needs and assess their infrastructure.
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Our client is one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment. Based in Europe, the automotive group employes 100K+ people with production facilities in 18 countries. They were looking for a digital transformation partner to help them identify business requirements and gaps and provide current state assessment of their current infrastructure investment.

The Challenge

The client’s primary challenge was the alignment of network strategy across diverse streams for enhanced coherence. Their IT team was coping with non-standardized networks and use of multiple overlapping tools, leading to complexity of implementation and maintenance. Furthermore, their IT team was looking to enhance the utilization of existing network investments by overcoming inefficiencies.

The Challenge

The Objective

Our client wanted to conduct network assessment to identify business requirements, gaps and current state assessment of their infrastructure investment.


The Solution

  • Our consultants conducted a comprehensive to identify business requirements and strategy, encompassing current state assessment, gap analysis and identification of risks and challenges.
  • We formulated both short and long-term technology roadmaps and business cases and outlined approaches and timelines for effective network management.
  • Our consultants provided recommendations that included crucial enhancements such as defining network standards, aligning asset refresh with the roadmap, consolidating tools and solutions and implementing quick-win automation use cases.
  • Also, we proposed a strategic solution for aligning networks with the client's hybrid and multicloud journey, advocating for a wireless first approach, exploring Private 5G use cases and fostering the adoption of software-defined networking across data centers and campus environments.

The Impact

Our network infrastructure assessment services transformed our client’s business operations, leading to several positive impacts, including:

  • The seamless alignment of the network strategy with various departments and, crucially, with the client's overall IT strategy and business requirements.
  • It unlocked automation opportunities to provide faster provisioning with agile and responsive networks, establishing a service catalog network and significantly reducing resolution time.
  • Improved observability by implementing a consolidated solution to provide improved metrics, insights on trends and simplified views across various types of networking technologies.

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