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SRE enablement for a leading telecommunication provider

In response to a rapidly changing business landscape, a leading telecom provider pursued advanced cloud solutions. Our AI & Cloud Native Labs emerged as the trusted partner, delivering Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) enablement services.
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5 min read

The Challenge

Success in the hinges on improving customer service, operational affordability and having a robust network infrastructure to meet the surging market demands. The key challenges faced by the organization were:

The Challenge
  • Inability to meet SLAs
  • Lack of operational process definition for rapid recovery
  • Reliability issues at production sites

The Objective

The client aimed to achieve the following outcomes

  • Adopting practices to enable better outcomes
  • Improving customer service and operational affordability
  • Enhancing network infrastructure and scalability
SRE enablement for a leading telecommunication provider

The Solution

Our expertise in SRE services enabled us to design a comprehensive program for our client's operations teams on SRE.

  • Identified and trained potential SRE resources
  • Developed learning materials and provided practical SRE training
  • Conducted hands-on exercises and automated ASG rules for application scaling and high availability
  • Automated IT services, platform upgrades and cloud checks for improved efficiency and reduced downtime
  • Created an AWS foundation for optimized SRE operational functions

The Impact

The engagement with our resulted in several positive business impacts for the client:

  • Automation: Improved risk management, real-time alerts and backup/recovery
  • Improved Performance: Effective load balancing, optimized operations and skilled teams for rapid recovery and zero downtime
  • Skilled IT Operations Team: Increased productivity, meeting SLAs and shared goals
  • Enhanced User Experience: Improved experiences across all levels
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Reduced hardware costs, observability, faster time-to-market