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Standardizing business processes for improved customer engagement

HCLTech implemented a compliance-driven migration for a US-based financial services holding company
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5 min read

Our client, a leading financial services company based in the US, faced hurdles navigating compliance laws and cumbersome manual processes. They needed to upgrade from AWD to Pega, introduce electronic signing capabilities, automate agent commission statements and streamline accounting workflows. Teaming up with HCLTech, they embarked on a journey to achieve compliance within the set timeframe, all while prioritizing top-notch quality.

The Challenge

Navigating compliance complexity and customer satisfaction issues

Our client encountered two main challenges. Firstly, compliance laws demanded cutting-edge front and back-office applications with web-accessible electronic signing features for policyholders. Transitioning from AWD to Pega was vital to meet compliance requirements without compromising quality. Secondly, manual processes for agent commission statements led to time wastage and errors, impacting customer satisfaction due to longer turnaround times.


The Objective

Achieving efficiency with Pega integration and automated signing

Our client's goal was crystal clear: tackle compliance laws by moving to Pega and integrating web-accessible electronic signing, while also automating agent commission statements to minimize manual effort and errors. All this had to be achieved within the set timeframe while ensuring top-notch quality.

The Objective

The Solution

Enhancing efficiency and security

To address compliance requirements, we crafted a comprehensive solution. We kickstarted e-signature transactions within their contact center application, enabling dynamic content authoring and PDF generation using Pega. We also integrated customized DocuSign for multi-factor authentication, aligning with the client's branding. This allowed seamless capturing of customer consent in e-signature format, with automatic archiving of signed documents and certificates in FileNet.

Moreover, we automated policy case updates workflow and introduced Pega bots for smooth payment issuance in life insurance policies. We set up an error logging system to iron out technical and business glitches, with email notifications for successful transactions and auto-retry for failed ones. Robot Manager helped efficiently manage work queues.


The Impact

Our solution’s contribution to the operations

The implemented solution brought significant positive changes to the company's operations:

  • and adding electronic signing capabilities ensured compliance with next-gen applications
  • The solution drastically reduced manual effort and errors in agent commission statements, leading to improved efficiency and quicker turnaround times, enhancing overall customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined workflows and error logging boosted process accuracy and reliability
  • Integration of Pega bots for payment issuance and automated updates to downstream systems further ramped up operational efficiency while minimizing manual work
  • Overall, the solution positively impacted compliance, efficiency, accuracy, customer satisfaction and workflow management