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AWS Automotive competency


The automotive sector is rapidly adopting digital technologies like AI/ML, Metaverse, Big data, 5G etc. to build software driven vehicles, customized product design and automate manufacturing process, and to create exceptional customer experiences. On top of all, Cloud computing is one of the major transformational forces reshaping the auto industry operating business model, streamline supply chain process and create sustainable & safe products.

HCLTech helps automotive OEMs, dealers, suppliers, automotive finance and auto retail companies transform into modern enterprises by offering end-to-end automotive solutions on AWS covering autonomous mobility, digital customer engagement, product engineering, connected mobility, manufacturing and supply chain processes.

HCLTech in collaboration with AWS has developed industry specific solutions that helps automotive companies accelerate their digital transformation journey, enable them to become future ready enterprises whilst delivering measurable business outcomes.

AWS Automotive competency overview

Solutions and offerings


HCLTech 1PLMCloud helps automotive enterprises deploy fast, secure, and high-performance CAD and PLM on AWS and provides a seamless experience to the engineering community. We have created this solution based on our team’s deep engineering systems experience and strong partnerships with software vendors, graphics technology providers, and AWS.

EDA in Semi Cloud

HCLTech Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Cloud Solution harnesses AWS infrastructure power, flexibility, and reliability to vastly improve and reduce the semiconductor chip development and verification process which is a major component in automotive industry.


Intelligent Asset Tracking and Management (IATM) is an integrated Track and Trace solution that harnesses the power of AWS IoT for managing assets throughout the automotive life cycle. IATM leverages a range of AWS services from AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon RDS as database, and AWS server less services like AWS Lambda to automate inventory management operations.


HCLTech M360 is a unified manufacturing solutions suite built on AWS that provides end-to-end smart¬ manufacturing operations visibility. It integrates data from multiple auto manufacturing sites to help visualize, analyze, predict, recommend, and optimize the processes with actionable insights. It also adopts a multi-geography/ multi-plant/ multi-use case approach that helps automotive enterprises reduce ownership costs and lessen complexity and integration challenges


Platform-framework for Intelligent, Connected, Autonomous & Secure Services Offerings (PICASSO) is a framework to build & implement digital service platforms on top of connected ecosystem of assets. It reduces the complexity of accessing, collecting, monitoring and controlling information and data from the node assets. The solution accelerates GTM of business platforms by offering robust and industrialized pre-built functional and core modules that can be rapidly orchestrated, assembled and extended to create the platforms.


HCLTech Optimus is an intelligent test automation platform built to accelerate and optimize the test automation in an automotive lifecycle.


The Net Zero Intelligent Operations (NIO) solution enables clients to monitor, assess and reduce enterprise energy consumption and carbon emissions through its unique inter-comparability and normalization approach across multiple equipment’s, processes, and facilities.


Increased engineering mobility

Increased engineering mobility

Increase engineering workforce mobility through increased performance and reliability.

IoT integration

IoT integration

Easy integration with IoT devices, allowing them to use automotive solutions that leverage the power of IoT technology.

Faster time-to-market

Faster time-to-market

Bringing new automotive solutions to market more quickly, giving them a competitive advantage.

Faster innovation

Faster innovation

Rapidly innovate and bring new features to client’s automotive solutions, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.

AI capabilities

AI capabilities

AI capabilities that enable customer with an intelligent automotive solution that can learn and adapt to changing business needs.

Key Differentiators

  • Over three decades of experience and expertise working with automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers helping them transform their products and manufacturing processes
  • Multiple innovation labs spread across USA, Germany and India to enable product/process innovation in Automotive domain
  • Strong ecosystems partnership with niche domain solution providers like Avin, Siemens, Aras, PTC and hyperscalers like AWS
  • HCLTech consistent investments in capability enhancing acquisitions, IP development, co-innovation partnerships with AWS and infrastructure establishments
  • Dedicated focus on driving cost-saving initiatives coupled with innovation for automotive clients and a recognized ability to adapt to changing business environment
  • Clients recognizes HCLTech’s capacity to offer scalability during urgent requirements while maintaining quality and technical competency among resources
  • 9 out of 10 global fortune automotive OEMs leverage HCLTech’s product lifecycle management (PLM) services to digitally transform their product R&D
Key Differentiators


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